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http:// gnoomes.bandcamp.com /album/its-moonbow- t...
Diamphid 01.Aug : 14:13
Yes, now just waiting on eR and MfYa to add a play...
da11as 31.Jul : 04:15
eR doesn't seem ready
Hum4m 31.Jul : 02:06
One spot left for the eFPS 2v2 tournament.http:// ...
da11as 31.Jul : 01:53
ok have downloaded and replace the hudlayout.res f...
Squirl 31.Jul : 01:09
ma fhemtak, ma bt3ref keef tod5ol bel cup? haaasho...
Hum4m 30.Jul : 14:35
humama lt3rf kif 23lm join 2lly :c plz
GueSs Who [abo] 30.Jul : 14:16
Maybe there should be an invite link!
Hum4m 30.Jul : 12:02
If we get 16 players we will give away three games...
Maxtasy 30.Jul : 11:46
Thank you guys !
Matthew. 29.Jul : 12:17
DL : http:// www.2shared.com/ file/uHw0ou1c/ hud05...
MINO 29.Jul : 12:00
Yes, there's also a version which has health in th...
Serious 29.Jul : 10:30
Seems like an edited version of Diamphid's HUD (Bl...
Hum4m 29.Jul : 10:03
Hey,Does anybody know where can i get this HUD ?Th...
Matthew. 29.Jul : 09:56
This is a default HUD, mhm. Only colors are change...
Savior 29.Jul : 09:07
And how did he get that black corsshair?
ReaVeZz 29.Jul : 01:23
ok thank you. will be a day or 2 b4 I get back wit...
Squirl 28.Jul : 21:45
https:// www.youtube.com/ watch? v=52ZmL0r25lgIt l...
ReaVeZz 28.Jul : 21:38

Hey guys,
we collected all Clans-United Hall of Fame pictures and created this Classic Hall of Fame. It's a really big part of the history of competitive HL2DM and hopefully it will refresh some good old memories for some of you. :D

Visit the Classic Hall of Fame

If you find any mistakes or missing pictures, feel free to tell us in the comments.

The Admin Team
[Submitted by Maxtasy]
Posted on Sunday 06.July 2014 - 15:48:36 - Comment(s): 7
Mapping Competition Winner

Congratulations to keneida, Klizmotron, Peter Brev and Neyo-8826 !

It was really hard to decide, because we didn't expect so many Maps. :)
That's really cool and nice to see that there are still skilled mapers in a 8 year old and dead game!

We decide to give a special prize to the jumpmap too. Even though they are super hard and frustrating, there was alot of work put into them.

We are also giving away games to all other Mappers, you can pick games from our Game List (first come - first serve).

All Maps with informations, downloads, screenshots are still available here.

Thanks again to all people who were involved in this!

The Admin Team
Posted on Saturday 24.May 2014 - 00:26:51 - Comment(s): 8
Mapping Competition 2014


well now we have update the overview page. Each map is now click-able and each map has some text and some screenshots.

Each map can now downloaded from the map page or take a look into the downloads, there is a brand new category where all maps are.

You can comment each map too.

You can found it here : Mapping Competition Overview or click on the MC2014 in the top menu bar

Hope you enjoy it ...

The Admins
Posted on Thursday 15.May 2014 - 18:07:08 - Comment(s): 0
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01.Aug : 17:34
Hmm yes. But anyway mobile app is the best way to get chat history. I installed it on a new device, logged in and can get chat history from 24th July.
Tbh i wonder how it gets synched. Maybe there is some active Daemon in ios app which i can't disable w/o Jailbreak. All notifications and updating content in background are turned off.
01.Aug : 16:17
Да, последнюю зону я очень плохо проработал. Тут не могу не согласиться
01.Aug : 14:57
На самом деле сейчас я и сам вижу в мапе много недочетов, и после капа создам тему, где вы сможете изложить все свои предложения и замечания по ней. Буду работать над новой версией, учитывая старые ошибки. :)
01.Aug : 14:55
kliz u forgot 2 respawns http://f-picture.net/lfp/s019.radikal.ru/i630/1408/7c/b14a50869aeb.jpg/htm зона которая обведена, самая неудобная, проход снизу, через лифт на рпгшника который хорошо слышно и второй над водой. можно было добавить проход к ракете. когда слышишь лифт можно просто курить стоя с рпг
01.Aug : 14:20
сентре что значат линии на карте?
01.Aug : 13:54
Sentre, this is an old version, very old :D
01.Aug : 13:44
Derp, perhaps, you had the mobile app turned on. It synchronizes messages with a PC/web version. But it DOES store your history locally. Once I wipe the app's cache on my Android, the history is gone.
01.Aug : 13:03
There is a map that demonstrates where the spawnpoints on dm_kliz_r1 are. There are 13 spawnpoints, in next version i'll delete some of them, but anyways: http://i.gyazo.com/2ffd92b24c5032903e30bc4711ad3d20.png
01.Aug : 11:47
01.Aug : 01:56
No, i can get some chats even from October 2013 and i definately talked on PC
31.Jul : 23:24
The mobile app saves your history locally.
31.Jul : 21:13
Recently i asked how can i get steam chat history and someone said it is almost impossible except latest messages on web chat. Today i noticed that on Ios mobile app i can get my chat back from January
31.Jul : 19:46
29.Jul : 16:35
29.Jul : 13:07
14:09 - Klizmotron: да ну его нахуй
14:09 - Klizmotron: даже джойниться не буду
14:09 - Klizmotron: :D
14:09 - Klizmotron: там задроты пиздец
29.Jul : 12:36
Oh yay. That is gonna be fun
29.Jul : 12:20
lets make a big cup, EVERYBODY JOIN THE BIG PARTY!!
28.Jul : 22:46