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2:0LS vs -afk.
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Snipe2Die 30.Jan : 23:54
Steam2 ID: STEAM_0:0: 34131303Name: LinguistPrefer...
Linguist 30.Jan : 23:14
Steam2ID: STEAM_0:0: 22546217Name: Snipe2DiePrefer...
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Steam2ID: STEAM_0:0:1: 27366458Name: Venomex7Prefe...
Venomex7 30.Jan : 22:17
Steam2ID: STEAM_0:0: 36053520Name: HumamPreferred ...
Humam 30.Jan : 22:13
And so it begins!A new forum section is up, you ca...
Humam 30.Jan : 22:12
Season 1 Registration is now OPENTo register in th...
Humam 30.Jan : 22:03
Skyline511 wrote ...Another point would be how to ...
Silla 29.Jan : 19:01
Humam wrote ...The division system is meant to be ...
Silla 29.Jan : 18:54
Raph wrote ...I don't know if it's a good idea to ...
Derp 29.Jan : 18:07
Oh so it's Twista? LOOOOOLHe is acting differently...
Snipe2Die 29.Jan : 17:58
his original name was twista and he never had a te...
QuAz 29.Jan : 16:57
First of all i want to make this a steam guide but...
Skyline511 29.Jan : 16:53
Matthew. 29.Jan : 15:30
Derp wrote ...He is a troll and is probably motiva...
Raph 29.Jan : 15:10
He is a troll and is probably motivated by this gu...
Derp 29.Jan : 14:20
I played with this guy yeasterday, Human was here ...
Raph 29.Jan : 10:31
@Sky ye that's why I wrote the second reply lol@Sn...
Humam 29.Jan : 09:58
1v1 Season 1 now open!

And so it begins!

A new forum section is up, you can view it ->>here<<-

The first season is now up, you can register ->>here<<-

Everything regarding this season will be on the registration topic, ->>this<<- section is open for ideas, suggestions and announcements of seasons.

The progress / organization of matches will be in ->>this<<- section.

And finally, the results of seasons/matches will be sent to me, and I will upload them ->>here<<-
Posted on Friday 30.January 2015 - 22:54:56 - Comment(s): 1
New Cup Tree Templates
HTML News Banner
Hello all,

today we are proud to announce a complete new cup tree templates. They are graphically a small piece better than the old once, we hope you like them.

The new cup templates are now in place for all cups we ever played. If you found an error or a display glitch, please let us know to fix it.

Finally we fix a serious bug last Friday related to Squad-Based Cups with one map setup. The matches on Squad Based cups always played twice (Rebels/Combine Switch). The reports and matches are now fixed and we hope that's better than this "faked" "one / two match" stuff

So ... enjoy the new templates and happy fragging :-)

The Admins
Posted on Friday 15.August 2014 - 21:34:24 - Comment(s): 6
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That err messages appear when he howers the mouse on menu items. The sound is missing in his hud, that's why he gets error msg.
29.Jan : 18:20
Well anyways its a message that pops up when the client himself enters an area with a soundscape, areas differ so soundscapes differ as well and the message will each show each time a new soundscape works.
29.Jan : 17:18
QuAz are you serious? lol
29.Jan : 17:16
29.Jan : 17:03

what is soundscape in vels console? Hack?
29.Jan : 16:54
29.Jan : 10:07
Haha there actually is, but rolls down to the ground :D
29.Jan : 09:34
Oops there is no secret smg nade on r1 version :D
29.Jan : 00:00
where is 2160p? =[
28.Jan : 23:45
28.Jan : 23:40
np m8
28.Jan : 06:21
finally i won the fight against ps and vtf plugins. Diamphid thx for help =]
27.Jan : 23:50
well, that thing thralling me hard, i tryed whole options and ways to save it and each time saw error message D:
27.Jan : 19:52
hl2mp vtex can 100% - l4d2 dunno
27.Jan : 18:00
hl2mp vtex or l4d2 vtex? or they r alike?
27.Jan : 17:18
vtex can handle psd
27.Jan : 16:47
well thx Humam, but 2014 ps wont use vtf plugin...
27.Jan : 12:19
Converted the psd to jpg for easier use. Would be nice to see it in the map heuhe
27.Jan : 11:48
you can find psd in hl2dm.net video intro thread
27.Jan : 11:21