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Regarding Umad, he doesn't hack, and his ban is li...
Hum4m 24.Jul : 16:47
I'm assuming you wanna bind MOUSEWHEEL for jumping...
Hum4m 24.Jul : 16:20
Ok I'm using all the suggestions. 4, 6, 7, and 8 a...
Hypernova 24.Jul : 16:01
Edit: comment removed.
Hum4m 24.Jul : 15:32
I just find this whole situation of us all getting...
mfk.Mantis 24.Jul : 14:08
funny how this idiot of gavvvr never bust his russ...
Dariofist 24.Jul : 13:06
Vels is right, it's a small bug.
mfk.Umad 24.Jul : 13:04
@Sav I had a second of thought for what you said a...
Hum4m 24.Jul : 12:52
I commented the video entirely, video from Gavvvr:...
mfk.Umad 24.Jul : 12:51
It emerged after the recent update to hl2dm. It's ...
Vels 24.Jul : 12:36
xD Welcome to hl2dm.jewak3d, madara, steven, roi, ...
hl2dm.jew 24.Jul : 11:12
I saw alot of people with a scrollbar in the score...
Maxtasy 24.Jul : 10:50
Savior wrote ...mfk.Mantis wrote ...The rates are ...
Matthew. 24.Jul : 10:14
Hum4m wrote ...Your excuse is that you have bought...
Savior 24.Jul : 08:33
Well said mate... Well said.
mfk.Mantis 24.Jul : 03:43
Ok, so gavvvr posted a video and I watched the dem...
mfk.Umad 24.Jul : 03:40
I have answers for all) The rates are not the same...
mfk.Mantis 24.Jul : 02:51
Mantis,There is no suspecting, we follow proof, an...
Hum4m 24.Jul : 02:31
So apparently.. You did not ban me because of "wal...
mfk.Mantis 24.Jul : 01:36
Do not install fonts to your system (in case you d...
Derp 23.Jul : 23:47

Hey guys,
we collected all Clans-United Hall of Fame pictures and created this Classic Hall of Fame. It's a really big part of the history of competitive HL2DM and hopefully it will refresh some good old memories for some of you. :D

Visit the Classic Hall of Fame

If you find any mistakes or missing pictures, feel free to tell us in the comments.

The Admin Team
[Submitted by Maxtasy]
Posted on Sunday 06.July 2014 - 15:48:36 - Comment(s): 7
Mapping Competition Winner

Congratulations to keneida, Klizmotron, Peter Brev and Neyo-8826 !

It was really hard to decide, because we didn't expect so many Maps. :)
That's really cool and nice to see that there are still skilled mapers in a 8 year old and dead game!

We decide to give a special prize to the jumpmap too. Even though they are super hard and frustrating, there was alot of work put into them.

We are also giving away games to all other Mappers, you can pick games from our Game List (first come - first serve).

All Maps with informations, downloads, screenshots are still available here.

Thanks again to all people who were involved in this!

The Admin Team
Posted on Saturday 24.May 2014 - 00:26:51 - Comment(s): 8
Mapping Competition 2014


well now we have update the overview page. Each map is now click-able and each map has some text and some screenshots.

Each map can now downloaded from the map page or take a look into the downloads, there is a brand new category where all maps are.

You can comment each map too.

You can found it here : Mapping Competition Overview or click on the MC2014 in the top menu bar

Hope you enjoy it ...

The Admins
Posted on Thursday 15.May 2014 - 18:07:08 - Comment(s): 0
1 2 3 ... 11 12 13
24.Jul : 18:36
What is wrong with you autistic fucks?
24.Jul : 18:22
But Roi, do you know this is a criminality? :) Here are many people who can easy report you :) Internet is a fast shit
24.Jul : 18:08
Maxtasy's offline atm, Roi
24.Jul : 15:47
Maxtasy ill give you a chance i shut down the site for 30 min to proof i can provoke serious damage to this site. Add me at giobest96 to talk otherwise the final countdown will start. Im not going to give you 2nd chance so use this in a good way.
24.Jul : 15:26
Taliban confirmed
22.Jul : 19:16
@Sentre: But still 3 of 4 matches default wins in the first stage. Useless Cup. Sorry for wasting your time Agent.
21.Jul : 17:25
Max, final was played and Agent won it. :)
21.Jul : 08:33
@Agent: 3 of 4 matches def wins in first stage...no need to keep it.
21.Jul : 00:40
mfk.Mantis: "...And okay sorry Maxtasy"

Respect the boss jew please
21.Jul : 00:07
Give them Stewie
20.Jul : 21:19
max you made ​​a big mistake when was removed 1v1 cup
20.Jul : 19:30
I have the chat where you accuse me of wh.. And okay sorry Maxtasy
20.Jul : 18:51
Talk about your shit in Steam or via PM.
20.Jul : 18:47
Okay, again, give me the chat where I said mfk team wallhacks, and when, and where
20.Jul : 18:42
Oh btw it is just you that thinks I wh or any of the mfk team wh.. We "mfk" have 2v2 and 3v3 "afk" many of times and not one of them guys have said we hack.. so why is it.. we play you 1 time and you accuse.. God damit kidda.. Go to Thailand and get laid.. Enough said.
20.Jul : 18:40
LOL Humam, really...
20.Jul : 16:36