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Whiskey 16.Apr : 18:23
are u 2 sleeping together or what.
pvision 16.Apr : 15:45
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pvision 16.Apr : 15:39
shhh they don't need to know xD
Madara 16.Apr : 12:51

Hey everybody,
we are proud to announce our 2014 Mapping Competition! Now you all can show your mapping skills, but this competition is also interesting for beginners.

The event will run over 3 months, so you've got plenty of time to learn about Hammer (the mapping tool) and get your creativity going.

Ofcourse the maps that will be created should be useful for the future. So we are looking for Competitive Maps (primarily 2on2) and Jump Training Maps.

Here the guidelines:
  • Competitive Map or Jump Training Map.
  • No remakes of already existing (HL2DM) maps.
  • Max. three entries per person. You can also work in a team.
  • Submission Deadline: April, 30th @ 23:59 CET

Ofcourse there's also something to win. The creator of the winning map gets 50€ worth of Steam games (They can pick the game(s) themselves). Also we will give out a lot of other games to random participants.
[Submitted by Maxtasy]
Posted on Wednesday 12.February 2014 - 20:38:01 - Comment(s): 10
Rates and Server Updates
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Hi all,
this week we introduced our new rules about rates. To avoid low rating and the use of weird rates that will result in a bad playing experience we limit the allowed rates to the following:

rate is limitted to values between 80000 and 128000
cl_cmdrate is limitted to a value of 66
cl_updaterate is limitted to a value of 66
cl_interp is limitted to values between0 and 0.061

I suggest to everybody to use following rates:

rate                                "128000"
cl_cmdrate                          "66"
cl_updaterate                       "66"
cl_interp                           "0.033380" 

The Approved Match Servers will be updated in the next couple of days. Please make sure you have all the rates set correctly in your config files and test it on the Match Servers. If your rates are not set correctly you will get kicked from the servers automatically after ~2 minutes. If you have any questions, feel free to post on the forum.

Enjoy your weekend!

[Submitted by Maxtasy]
Posted on Saturday 01.February 2014 - 21:22:25 - Comment(s): 4
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So its been a long week and 3 cups have been played in hl2dm.net!

Here are the results for each cup...

2on2 Cup #08:
First place: ThunderCats!
Second place: DnD!
Third placaed: Rinsed!

1on1 Cup #14:
First place: Madara!
Second place: Maxtasy!
Third place: QuAz!

1on1 Amateur cup #1:
First place: Fisherman!
Second place: Evo!
Third place: Surinamo!

Thank you all for playing and keeping this game alive, and a special thanks to the streaming done by Sentre and Vels on ALL these cups!

A new 1on1 Cup for Amateurs is up, and another All-pick 2on2 cup is up as well, join them here now: http://hl2dm.net/matches/cups/list_progress.php

See you next time!
[Submitted by Humam]
Posted on Sunday 26.January 2014 - 17:56:11 - Comment(s): 0
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17.Apr : 16:49
yes hahaha
16.Apr : 20:46
link not working
16.Apr : 14:37
Humam? Just an arab, also known as Shogo.

btw +1 @your post.
15.Apr : 02:30
who is this bloody human guy I am hearing about?
14.Apr : 23:47
bus so Buggy x)
14.Apr : 21:45
gg Bart
14.Apr : 21:03
wow onderwijzer, pls teach. u r my senpai!
14.Apr : 17:26
Yeah we don't want to see sexting here. xD
13.Apr : 18:54
xD whiskey xD
13.Apr : 17:33
ok madara np, see u
13.Apr : 17:20
he forgot his phone at home, just having Laptop
13.Apr : 15:59
guys if u are in same city just send messge in phone dont post here lol
13.Apr : 15:53
sure, ill pick u up in 5 hrs
13.Apr : 14:34
:D you too bro.
but can i stay a week in ur app?
13.Apr : 12:57
13.Apr : 12:57