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1on1 Cup #34 (1)
2:0Mr.Kvartira  vs Grass
86:13Humam  vs Nero
1on1 Trainzzz Cup #1 (10)
45:41Mr.Kvartira  vs Snipe2Die
42:38Nero  vs Klizmotron
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1on1 Cup #34Nero - (The only one with complete mat...
Maxtasy 24.Apr : 00:25
1on1 Trainzzz Cup #1Klizmotron - ProtocolPlease PM...
Maxtasy 23.Apr : 20:31
Put the translated text here because it is easily ...
Humam 20.Apr : 12:34
Если кому не сложно переведите на английский =)
Spirit40 20.Apr : 11:10
Nice idea, most of the time cups are delayed a day...
Serious 18.Apr : 15:16
Всем привет! Простите что на русском =)Есть предло...
Spirit40 18.Apr : 14:16
Matthew. 17.Apr : 18:44
1on1 Lostarena Cup #3Snipe2Die - ProtocolPlease PM...
Maxtasy 16.Apr : 17:52
gonna finish the singleplayer first, then online :...
Maxtasy 15.Apr : 14:26
Who's playing it? Anyone playing Online?
svN 15.Apr : 11:46
Honestly, It will never be like HL1 on source eng...
iNsaNe-_^ 13.Apr : 22:31
Ye it would be so boring without bhop. imo
Hypernova^ 13.Apr : 15:42
Nyasha ツ 13.Apr : 12:42
They said it would have no advanced movement. If i...
nam3d 13.Apr : 11:44
shemale detected
Matthew. 12.Apr : 11:18
http://cloud- 4.steamusercontent.c om/ugc/ 5475174...
Matthew. 11.Apr : 15:49
Tell him to stop working on it at this moment else...
Humam 11.Apr : 15:39
I don't like that sandbag placement. lol. dunno
9TOYO 11.Apr : 14:53
Hello,My friend is working on Black Mesa: Deathmat...
Snipe2Die 11.Apr : 14:22

It begins!

Check your opponents in >>this<< topic.

Check this topic to learn how to organize your matches. >>CLICK ME<<this

Good luck to all!
[Submitted by Humam]
Posted on Wednesday 18.February 2015 - 19:59:49 - Comment(s): 2
1v1 Season 1 now open!

And so it begins!

A new forum section is up, you can view it ->>here<<-

The first season is now up, you can register ->>here<<-

Everything regarding this season will be on the registration topic, ->>this<<- section is open for ideas, suggestions and announcements of seasons.

The progress / organization of matches will be in ->>this<<- section.

And finally, the results of seasons/matches will be sent to me, and I will upload them ->>here<<-
Posted on Friday 30.January 2015 - 22:54:56 - Comment(s): 6
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24.Apr : 21:54
@Humam: It's just you, dum dum. Please make Cup #33 at some point, for the sake of completeness.
24.Apr : 15:42
Its more of a different style than casual
24.Apr : 04:47
@any1 who thinks hl2universe will have only once-known competitive maps... the series wont have more than 10 cups.
24.Apr : 04:46
@max omoc cups are considered in the 1on1 cup series as well. Or maybe its just me who thought of that from the beginning of the cups
24.Apr : 04:44
WTF map ?
24.Apr : 00:40
LOL you made 1on1 Cup #34 without having a #33, wp
24.Apr : 00:23
fixed ...
21.Apr : 05:30

Anyone else will never understand HL2:DM physics?
21.Apr : 01:18
20.Apr : 21:05
Time is okay but date os wrong.
20.Apr : 21:05
Lol ... ok ... i mean ... is the displayed time correct :-) You see it - ok fine ... :-) haha
20.Apr : 18:56
01.Apr 2015 18:48 CEST

If it's only the text, then I can see it :D
20.Apr : 18:49
Please check the Clock above the chatbox. They should display CEST, even you are in another TZ
20.Apr : 18:43
19.Apr : 22:57
19.Apr : 22:00
I'll be able to play only at Friday so please don't Def loss me in cups C:
19.Apr : 21:55
19.Apr : 19:57
My server is back on track. If you encounter any problems/missing maps etc. tell me here in the chat box. hf
19.Apr : 19:05