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1on1 Caverns Cup #1 (5)
15:6TiRRaN  vs funsh1ne
22:10Linguist  vs FoRest
2on2 Cup #22 (0)
185:131SF vs -afk
179:124Mr vs -[1337]-_*Ru$*
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Good thank you !!
Extasy 23.Nov : 11:17
1on1 Caverns Cup #1funshine - ProtocolPlease PM me...
Maxtasy 22.Nov : 22:09
Fixed your screenshots, ggwp!
Maxtasy 22.Nov : 21:58
Жаль,а то было бы гораздо удобнее,чем этот вариант...
varkoment 22.Nov : 21:25
dafaq there is screenshots http:// postimg.org/ima...
Extasy 22.Nov : 21:01
Our map was bio cause i knew pellem will carry the...
Extasy 22.Nov : 20:59
AHAHAHAH Max ! LOOOOOLSad you didnt copy how i was...
Snipe2Die 22.Nov : 19:10
GGWP Guys!
Snipe2Die 22.Nov : 19:08
Our map was Intensity. I just wanted to see how it...
Maxtasy 22.Nov : 18:02
You can not change the width of the scoreboard
Maxtasy 22.Nov : 10:15
Maxtasy 22.Nov : 10:14
Таблица растянута почти на весь экран,из-за этого ...
varkoment 22.Nov : 02:04
Kevin the fat troll
Sentre 22.Nov : 00:23
The start of bio was equal, but over time we incre...
frozen 22.Nov : 00:21
http:// www.liveleak.com/ view? i=a7c_1416584104
pwn*| k!ng 21.Nov : 23:37
Double kick flip dude and nice 3K :D
Maxtasy 21.Nov : 09:01
Idk if it is normal for gta 4, also some 1337 frag...
Derp 21.Nov : 06:37
Oh, i wanna touch you kevi, sweet kevi. It been so...
Andrew ken 18.Nov : 09:56
https:// www.youtube.com/ watch?v=9z849fvnPAs
pwn*| k!ng 17.Nov : 22:10
wp Cronoz on cav!
Linguist 17.Nov : 02:36
New Cup Tree Templates
HTML News Banner
Hello all,

today we are proud to announce a complete new cup tree templates. They are graphically a small piece better than the old once, we hope you like them.

The new cup templates are now in place for all cups we ever played. If you found an error or a display glitch, please let us know to fix it.

Finally we fix a serious bug last Friday related to Squad-Based Cups with one map setup. The matches on Squad Based cups always played twice (Rebels/Combine Switch). The reports and matches are now fixed and we hope that's better than this "faked" "one / two match" stuff

So ... enjoy the new templates and happy fragging :-)

The Admins
Posted on Friday 15.August 2014 - 21:34:24 - Comment(s): 6
Better and Faster HTML Code
HTML News Banner
Today we change some code on this website and these changes are not simple or small, so we decide to make this news to inform you.

We change massive the code for the head box (Latest Stuff).

The changes applied only for all members, because we do not known all the browsers of all the world, but members using more the current browsers and we can investigate the problems faster.

The code changes are massive, because these boxes are now generated complete by javascript. The back-end just create an control array and call a javascript function that build the HTML content.

One side effect is the final size of the HTML file. The old HTML file had 39 kB up to 90 kB full of creepy HTML stuff. And 90% are repeating HTML stuff, like div bla and div blub ... The new page just have 8 up to 60 kB. This increases the loading time, but we are super unsure if this really can be measured ... but for mobile devices with volume traffic it's very big advantage. And the repeating HTML stuff in now written just once.

The other reason of this technique is to provide in future a more dynamic refreshing content without reloading the page. You know, like a ticker or something similar. But before we implement this, we have to check out if it even works for all members. Means this is phase one, if you like.

The Latest Post and the Chatbox is currently not affected, they still static. These both eat most traffic bytes. But they are a little bit tricky to change, because they come from original underlying CMS system ... To modify this, will take longer ...

In this change, there are changes for mobile users too. The old force-mobile based on browser user agent, will gone. Because meanwhile there are some iPad users and we think it's a mobile device and cut and stuffing around. But iPad users maybe don't want this. In future there will be a settings page, where you can freely setup a Mobile-Style (less Traffic) or Desktop-Style (full Content). The plan is already finish, but it's not implemented yet, will come ...

And the next big think will some visual enhances to the cups. We currently working on it, it would be cool we think ...

Anyway ...

For now, please take a look at the new created head boxes - well you should not see any differences - if these boxes didn't do the expected, please post a comment, or PM, with browser, os, etc.pp. and maybe a screenshot that would help. A cut out of the developer console would be nice too if you know HTML.

The Admins
Posted on Friday 08.August 2014 - 17:59:30 - Comment(s): 3
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22.Nov : 18:02
22.Nov : 18:00
22.Nov : 17:50
Rdy, haha.
22.Nov : 17:45
cup was recreated
21.Nov : 23:03
21.Nov : 18:36
Success. So many players in cup.
21.Nov : 17:54
Cup date changed from 21st to 22nd of November
21.Nov : 15:52
Same, but more over i am busy on evenings every day(
19.Nov : 01:17
I would play caverns cup but sadly i can't make it on Friday
18.Nov : 23:59
fat maxtasi feels like god at 3:13
17.Nov : 15:08
3:13? Get a life..

jk LOL
17.Nov : 14:11
Group A get your shit together and play your matches! :)
17.Nov : 03:13
fak, wanna play cav cup, but i will come home 21 CET :(
16.Nov : 17:37
15.Nov : 22:18
не поможет
14.Nov : 20:18
14.Nov : 18:59
14.Nov : 18:58
cheats downloaded?
14.Nov : 18:57
Ready epta.
14.Nov : 18:56