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2on2 Pro Cup #1 (12)
4:0SF vs VG
2:0'tQ. vs ePro
1on1 Cup #34 (1)
2:0Mr.Kvartira  vs Grass
86:13Humam  vs Nero
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this is sick, thanks max!!....im deffy' try this o...
dsoul 01.Jul : 05:32
Here is a quick tutorial for it in csgo. https:// ...
Maxtasy 01.Jul : 01:52
Love it
Snipe2Die 30.Jun : 19:19
Another one, much love <3:https://www.youtube.c...
dsoul 30.Jun : 08:52
Maxtasy wrote ...SourceTV demo smooth made with HL...
dsoul 30.Jun : 08:48
Skyline511 wrote ...The 2nd method uses keyframes(...
Maxtasy 24.Jun : 11:59
Maxtasy wrote ...SourceTV demo smooth made with HL...
Linguist 24.Jun : 00:02
I've found 2 easy ways to work with HLAE and get n...
Skyline511 23.Jun : 17:56
SourceTV demo smooth made with HLAE. This was just...
Maxtasy 23.Jun : 03:07
Snipe2Die, Foonga, thanx!!)) ..I tried very hard, ...
x.syn 19.Jun : 18:05
Omg, I can hardly recognise it. Good work, this ma...
Foonga 18.Jun : 20:49
update!!)) ..and freezed(( ..tired
x.syn 11.Jun : 17:22
https:// www.youtube.com/ watch?v=_QRzEh2mkxY
9TOYO 09.Jun : 20:41
Seeth pls.
Snipe2Die 04.Jun : 22:09
hahah :D
seriouS 04.Jun : 20:36
seriouS, Update google translate and my English wi...
Sh 04.Jun : 19:32
Sh wrote ...seriouS wrote ...Sh wrote ...seriouS w...
seriouS 04.Jun : 19:25
Skyline511 wrote ...Guys im not an admin but pleas...
Sh 04.Jun : 18:46
seriouS wrote ...Sh wrote ...seriouS wrote ...Snip...
Sh 04.Jun : 18:42
2on2 Pro Cup #1 Results
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Squad Avatar of SF Soviet Forces win against Virtuous Gamers

Meanwhile Soviet Forces won 7 cups in total ... congratulations again

The third places goes to Team QuAz and the fourth places to Electronic Proformance

Finally thanks to all the others participate this cup

The cup tree is here and the final match is here

Posted on Saturday 30.May 2015 - 16:04:20 - Comment(s): 0

It begins!

Check your opponents in >>this<< topic.

Check this topic to learn how to organize your matches. >>CLICK ME<<this

Good luck to all!
[Submitted by Humam]
Posted on Wednesday 18.February 2015 - 19:59:49 - Comment(s): 2
1v1 Season 1 now open!

And so it begins!

A new forum section is up, you can view it ->>here<<-

The first season is now up, you can register ->>here<<-

Everything regarding this season will be on the registration topic, ->>this<<- section is open for ideas, suggestions and announcements of seasons.

The progress / organization of matches will be in ->>this<<- section.

And finally, the results of seasons/matches will be sent to me, and I will upload them ->>here<<-
Posted on Friday 30.January 2015 - 22:54:56 - Comment(s): 6
New Cup Tree Templates
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Hello all,

today we are proud to announce a complete new cup tree templates. They are graphically a small piece better than the old once, we hope you like them.

The new cup templates are now in place for all cups we ever played. If you found an error or a display glitch, please let us know to fix it.

Finally we fix a serious bug last Friday related to Squad-Based Cups with one map setup. The matches on Squad Based cups always played twice (Rebels/Combine Switch). The reports and matches are now fixed and we hope that's better than this "faked" "one / two match" stuff

So ... enjoy the new templates and happy fragging :-)

The Admins
Posted on Friday 15.August 2014 - 21:34:24 - Comment(s): 6
1 2 3 ... 9 10 11
nice !
01.Jul : 16:21

for those who didn't see it <3
01.Jul : 05:33
Oh okay, thanks for response :)
30.Jun : 19:16
as far as i know, killgardens and some other really great killbox maps could not be played anymore ... since the "big update". these maps need special sv vars, they aren't available anymore. Thats what i know. Maybe there is a mod for that meanwhile ...
29.Jun : 18:20
Does anybody know where can I play map dm_killgardens_v1?
29.Jun : 16:30
ty gavvvr
15.Jun : 03:55
Add new PMS IP: msg me if something is broken
15.Jun : 00:37
You didn't fill first map info. I'll give for sec admin defwin in your report
07.Jun : 08:38
What text should i put in the second map field if an enemy gave me defwin?
07.Jun : 06:44
Damn that guy is such a good singer. Total inspiration.
06.Jun : 13:17
06.Jun : 12:44
yyyoop bush' " n1 to see u"
05.Jun : 13:14
SCAR wants you all to suck his cock.
04.Jun : 23:26
Ahaha xD
26.May : 14:06
too funny omg
25.May : 18:48
hahaha that song
25.May : 17:58
You did not have to do this.
25.May : 17:47
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJa2kwoZ2a4 for people who like good music
25.May : 17:15
These guys have a serious case of sexual tension between eachother and going at it at a personal level. Perhaps consult a shrink? Marriage counselor?
25.May : 16:27