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Foresty 21.Apr : 18:38
* i remove the picture *

Hey everybody,
we are proud to announce our 2014 Mapping Competition! Now you all can show your mapping skills, but this competition is also interesting for beginners.

The event will run over 3 months, so you've got plenty of time to learn about Hammer (the mapping tool) and get your creativity going.

Ofcourse the maps that will be created should be useful for the future. So we are looking for Competitive Maps (primarily 2on2) and Jump Training Maps.

Here the guidelines:
  • Competitive Map or Jump Training Map.
  • No remakes of already existing (HL2DM) maps.
  • Max. three entries per person. You can also work in a team.
  • Submission Deadline: April, 30th @ 23:59 CET

Ofcourse there's also something to win. The creator of the winning map gets 50€ worth of Steam games (They can pick the game(s) themselves). Also we will give out a lot of other games to random participants.
[Submitted by Maxtasy]
Posted on Wednesday 12.February 2014 - 20:38:01 - Comment(s): 14
Humam Wednesday 15.January 2014 - 03:32:00
"No remakes of already existing maps, so ye fuck off Humam" :DDDDD

Also the prize seems like a nice... HUMBLE BUNDLE TO ME ;D
ϺƦ.Sƒuϻa Thursday 16.January 2014 - 23:31:03
Nice idea!
Humam Saturday 18.January 2014 - 18:54:25
Peter wins, give him the prize from now tbh.
Humam Saturday 18.January 2014 - 18:54:42
and I mean Peter Brev not Madara :D
.a[R]ci Sunday 19.January 2014 - 17:02:14
Whipper Tuesday 21.January 2014 - 00:48:14
Woohoo this sounds good..al be looking foward to work on some new stuff for this. 'unfair pro mapper vs noob mapper ahah' thats a good thing Steven for noob mappers top learn from :-) and 3 months is a fair amount of time learn hammer.
Silla Wednesday 12.February 2014 - 20:38:32
bump ... don't forget :-)
pseudonym Tuesday 29.April 2014 - 02:16:48

Here is my first entry into this competition,

The map:
+ Small layout, shoot breakable walls to expose rebar and offer you cracks and new passages to hunt through.
+ All weapons, RPG down a deadly trap pit where you may be killed if you are clumsy!
+ An easy to get to supercharger in a place where it's easy to get seen and shot, or pull levers strategically placed to be electrocuted!
+ Monsters to attack your enemies, and attack you. (optional)

pseudonym Wednesday 30.April 2014 - 14:08:01

Here is my second entry into this competition,

The map:
+ Control the middle-stash of guns to dominate the map.
+ Access the roof, and use the swirling bouncepad to fly high.
+ Blue teleport takes you to the corners.
+ Combine ball spawner.
+ Fly to the moon or the satellites to overwatch players.

uuk Wednesday 30.April 2014 - 19:13:05
hey, here's my entry:

uuk Thursday 01.May 2014 - 07:08:30
I know the submission deadline has already past.. but I fixed some buggy ladders in my map and just thought I'd upload it anyway for anyone who might want to play the fixed version:

28.Nov : 23:59
no its not dead
long life hl2dm and this community
28.Nov : 22:36
no its not dead
long life hl2dm and this community
15.Nov : 20:59
no its not dead
long life hl2dm and this community
10.Nov : 19:42
Hi guys
06.Oct : 21:55
Can you contact him ?
30.Aug : 12:29
Silla was, maybe Maxtasy is admin too
28.Aug : 16:53
That sounds good :) Whos the admin here ?
26.Jul : 11:45
Maybe we can start a league like we had in CU with weekly matches instead of 1 day cups so teams can play any time in the week?
25.Jul : 11:19
Lets start 2v2 or 3v3 cup soon ?
07.Jul : 17:49
nice old screenshot quaz <3
04.Jul : 20:42
Cool aesthetic video from Artefact !!
03.Jul : 19:41
Any old players here who want some nostalgia I just found some really old screenshots. Enjoy :-) http://users.telenet.be/KMC/hl2dm/content.html
01.May : 16:05
just found this channel with vintage frag hl2dm. Old players will enjoy seeing their friends here fragging and being fragged. Hf
16.Dec : 21:14
10.Dec : 18:31
I think its dead
03.Dec : 15:03
maybe ask again in russian s2d you will get more answers :D
01.Dec : 21:26
Yoooooooooooo what is up, is this site still alive?
30.Oct : 22:05
Any 1v1 cups coming up soon ?
22.Feb : 16:06
hi s2d, nice to see you!
10.Feb : 16:41