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Thanks Max!)
Buzz 27.Jan : 23:48
[poll] Next Cup
1 2
Sun 21.Jul 2013, 17:18 Link
Posts: 1660

Future 1on1 Cup

Normal 1on1 (home maps) with map pool

Another OMOC 1on1 on a different map

Other format (Post in comments)

You do not have the required permissions to vote in this poll

Votes: 11
Next cup will be the OMOC Overwatch 1on1 Cup. What would you like to see after this?
Sun 21.Jul 2013, 20:09 Link
Posts: 52
Mb OMOC Lockdown 1on1 Cup or... Normal 1on1. It's my suggestion. Only.
Sun 21.Jul 2013, 20:58 Link
Posts: 1660
Ade (owner of the Expert Duel Server) makes Lockdown cups most of the time. So I don't really want to make something which is already made by someone else. :)
Mon 22.Jul 2013, 00:40 Link
Posts: 52
Ok, I understood. But... It's still unclear for me: why among 212 players(sic!), who have registered here, only 10 have voted in this thread? I know, that now I can't participate in this fucking cool cups, but I really want to influence on decision of others, and on future cups. Coz, btw, I'm player, like all of you^^. And for me, it's indifferent, what decision the admins will make.

[ Edited Mon 22.Jul 2013, 01:02 ]
Mon 22.Jul 2013, 02:09 Link
Posts: 715
I also question myself the same thing Fenrir.

There existence in this site is a waste of space.
They should all be banned.
Their registration was a waste of time from them.
Too many players registered, and are on the Steam group, yet merely of them tend to show activity on the competitive scene.
Because this game is bugged, and dead!
Yes, DEAD! 200+ players registered and are on Steam group, and they all play other games or wank at their desktops.
Do you know that if these people, who joined the Steam group, actually played HERE, or voted for HL2DM in competitive websites, they can get this game to be alive in no time?
But no, just no, joining the group is enough to support this game, also joining this site is more than enough... It's dead anyways, who give a shit?)

Oh well...

[ Edited Mon 22.Jul 2013, 02:10 ]
Mon 22.Jul 2013, 08:17 Link
Posts: 52
I agree with Shogo. I could add nothing to his reply.
But ,mb, not for all community cups are really needed. U saw, how fucking long the players had been joining to last cup. And this is only 8(!) slots cup. Now it's summer. And people (who are not working) can play this game. They have enough time. Buuuut... they don't.
What will happen in September? People will say: "Oh, guys, please, go to the fuck with this shity game! Should I play it, and forget about school, university, work?!"
I know, that monologue is bull shit, but, mb some people will feel like that.
I don't care, coz, why I should rip my ass for community, who don't want anything.

[ Edited Mon 22.Jul 2013, 10:17 ]
Mon 22.Jul 2013, 15:02 Link
Posts: 364
I personally joined last cup on Saturday because i was not sure earlier if i will be able to play on Sunday
Mon 22.Jul 2013, 23:03 Link
Posts: 52
In my opinion, u are really interested in this game. U still have been finding new information, helping us and appearing in our community's life. And that delivers :D So, I think, u shouldn't kill yourself (sic!), like all inactive players, like me ^_^. But it's your choice...
Ohohohoho, WTF I am talking about!?
Mon 22.Jul 2013, 23:19 Link
Posts: 52
Btw, the next OMOC should be AA or Kbh!!! Ewwwwww!!! It will be original, breathtaking, fucking brain and awesome (sic!) cup of all time! I'm sure (joke).
Tue 23.Jul 2013, 00:58 Link
Posts: 715
That was a nice joke Fenrir :-) Else I was going to fucking kill you.
1 2
Any 1v1 cups coming up soon ?
22.Feb : 16:06
hi s2d, nice to see you!
10.Feb : 16:41
08.Feb : 17:28
next 3v3
12.Jan : 15:40
next time i will win ;D
12.Jan : 11:30
I guess 2v2 is the way
12.Jan : 09:05
go more 2v2 cups
12.Jan : 02:29
or 3v3 if enough team
12.Jan : 01:46
again 2v2 foresty
12.Jan : 01:46
what cup people would like to play next? 1v1, 2v2, 3v3?
12.Jan : 00:41
wow many teams
11.Jan : 19:34
1 slot left
time for Akycha...
11.Jan : 17:35
No, todays cup will be played by the old rules.
11.Jan : 17:11
great idea, can we use it in todays cup?
11.Jan : 17:04
Hello peeps.
We'd like to try one update pushed to VG servers in the event that a tiebreaker map needs to be played in a TDM match.

!run equalizer is a new command used to turn both team's models into combines, ofcourse players in combine team will be coloured blue and players in rebels team will be coloured red (as combine models).
The footsteps for both teams will be rebel's footsteps as well.

The idea of this new feature is to have a balanced/fair game in the event that a tiebreaker map needs to be played, during a cup or during a regular scrim, or it can even be used if you guys want to play a quick 2v2 on 1 map only.

Looking forward for the feedback.
11.Jan : 10:45
Мы хотели поставить акычу, чтобы сф не зарегались)
10.Jan : 22:17
Ну ладно, я не нашёл вовремя, никого в сети не было. Посмотрим 3v3 чё как будет
10.Jan : 19:40
Блин, не успели акычу загнать в восьмой слот (шёл 2020)
10.Jan : 19:34
Блин, не успели акычу загнать в четвертый слот)
10.Jan : 11:25
Hot, good luck!
06.Jan : 15:59