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HL2DM Crosshairs. Using Sprites (sv_pure 2)
Sat 16.Nov 2013, 16:32 Link
Posts: 72
Hello Hl2dm OLDSCHOOL Community

-This tutorial will explain us how to install Sprites or crosshairs that works like a material or texture into the game, working on all the servers that means that servers that have custom content protection(sv_pure enabled) will be bypassed.

-This type of crosshairs works by a specific game format called VTF(valve texture Format)followed by another type of file that determine its type characteristics called VMT (Valve Material type).Where VTF is the file we will edit being just a image file,here we will build our xhair shape and VMT is Where we will specify some "cvars"(like color) into it.

-How this method works?
This method works by using thumbnails as materials located at this folder custom\my_custom_stuff\materials\vgui\replay\thumbnails by some reason this path isnt considered as a infraction by sv_pure or isnt scanned as well so you can use it actually,we can expect that a next update could broke this method totally.Feel free to use by the time is working.

*This method belongs to the Team Fortress 2 Community ,being more concrete to a popular HUD coder called Broesel and to others users that used this idea for developing crosshairs.I have simply adapted and tested this method to run on HL2DM environment working sucesfully.

-Advantages using materials crosshairs:
Multicolor crosshair
100% centered
High resolutions ,*Can cause Framerates loss ,and slower VGUI loadings.Recommended Value from 8x8 to 256x256 ranges.
Fully editable Variables

Download links
Pack of Crosshairs
This pack contains the CPMA,Quake live crosshairs converted into vtf by the TF2 community as well the all the hl2 mod Adrenaline gamer 2 materials crosshairs to use on hl2dm all uploaded into my google account.

Sprite Crosshair Editing*Skip this step if you using a crosshair from the package,go to "Intallation path" located at the fourth step

-Before starting you will need those tools:
·An advanced image editor able to edit VTF files directy or to convert them to VTF by far I know that the most common tools to do that are Photoshop(x.7 to cs3) and GIMP ( installing a plugin on both programs).I personally use GIMP as its freeware and its not a huge file to install but Photoshop offers more professional edits.
·A knowledge of hl2dm directories,paths and common customization files even without experience of it ,if you follow the instructions here correctly downloading the files attached and installing them on the right place you will get it working.

1.Creating the shape
·Be sure to have the VTF plugin for your image editing software.
·Create a new editing sheet and select the properties.I mean with properties IMage size(use a divider of 1024:[16, 32, 64, 128, 256, ],the more resolution the more pixels the image will be edited with,resulting a more detailed image,but for crosshairs i think small values like 32 or 64 are enough;and "Background type" deploying advanced options its preferable to choose "fill with" transparency (transparency or alpha channel is important term to undernstand it allows us to the game to not treat the image file as a full colored square or box as it should be 32x32=32 pixels square,based on this fact we apply a full transparency mask to the entire image,that means that the game will treat transparency as a invisible thing and colored pixels as visible things)

2.Now use the editing tools offered by the image editing program to create any shape.
My most common tools to create a simple crosshair are the pencil(1px size),the selection,bucket fill tool setting with color selection followed to opacity values,There are infinite xhairs shapes that you can do with that.But for competitive players i just recommend to do a simple xhair like dots,squares,pluses,crosses...

3*.(Optional).Adding outline is easy and there are many ways to do it,also you can control outline thickness,opacity,shape... around the main xhair.
Simple black outline is done by filling with black foreground color the xhair shape,note that you can use any other color like outline always having $ADDITIVE 0 setting off at VMT´s materials characteristics.


4.When your Xhair editing job is finished you need to save them ,you can save it in 2 ways ,SAVE AS(it only saves your project itself,it wont save as a image file) and EXPORT TO(it will save your job as image file using the specific algorithms for each format type).Knowing that,the next step is to choose EXPORT TO,deploy the file format menu and choose .vtf and finally choose the path,you can save it anywhere but the path we are interested on is

Instalation path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life 2 Deathmatch\hl2mp\custom\my_custom_stuff\materials\vgui\replay\thumbnails.

After that a box will appear to you asking you to choose some exporting settings like using Alpha,Compress and other advanced options;all of these Concepts are explained if you select them.By General rule for getting xhair fully functional you need to use a 8 BIT flag there are 2 options on GIMP DXT5(it uses compression) and 8 bit RGBA 8888(prefered),we choose one of them and we are done.

5.The last step for gettting it enough functionally, is to write an accompanying VMT file, which is a plain text file named the same as the VTF with contents such as:

"$translucent" 1
"$basetexture" "vgui\replay\thumbnails\(name of the crosshair file)"
"$vertexcolor" 1
"$no_fullbright" 1
"$ignorez" 1

1*Important:In the end of basetexure path write the crosshair file marked with brackets
2*Important:this file must have the same name as the crosshair file has,if the crosshair its named hl2dmcross.vtf this one will be called hl2dmcrosss.vmt

6.This Step will let you know how to make the game to use your sprite crosshair and btw there are 2 ways that i personally know.

1st:Using weapon_x.txt files at scripts folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life 2 Deathmatch\hl2mp\custom\my_custom_stuff\scripts,we will edit each of these files to change the way its load the weapon crosshairs.
The edit must be done at a line called "crosshair".
We will replace this(using fonts,default,character Q=xhair at halflife2.ttf):

"font" "Crosshairs"
"character" "Q"

To this(sprites method):

"file" "vgui\replay\thumbnails\(crosshair file name)"
"x" "0"
"y" "0"
"width" "64"
"height" "64"

*Edit crosshair file name *on brackets.
Centering xhair is involved to the values ​​that we give here to the present variables.

"X" we set X axis position to 0
"Y" we set Y axis position to 0

*Important "widht & height" we will set this value according to the image resolution of your xhair,that we specified when we created it on the image editing software ,set it correctly ,in my case i use 64x64 px xhair.

Setting this values correctly will ensure That the image is loaded entirely and there is no pixels out this is fundamental for centering xhair but also be sure that your xhair material file is well alligned to the X and Y axis,you can always reopen the xhair with your image editing software and fix it using the allignment tool or creating "grides Guides" to 50% of Y/X axis.Now you should have a 100% centered xhair(in the same way works default sprite xhair,that you can use also)

-Also with this method you can specify this files to use a different crosshair for each weapon,even outlined ones.

2nd:This method involves to use use Hudlayout.res,for creating a new visible HUD element in our case the material crosshair,it works on a similar way of k3z method and other TF2 crosshairs set on this,by the main difference that we are manipulating a material file.
-For this we will need to edit with a text editor HUdlayout.res and add this lines at the beginning whose will activate our element:

"ControlName" "ImagePanel"
"fieldName" "xHair"
"xpos" "c-6"
"ypos" "c-6"
"zpos" "-2"
"wide" "12"
"tall" "12"
"pinCorner" "0"
"visible" "1"
"enabled" "1"
"image" "vgui\replay\thumbnails\(crosshair file name)"
"scaleImage" "1"

Edit crosshair file name *on brackets.
For Centering here you will need to deal with xpos,ypos,zpos.Until it gets centered totally,it may varie with screen resolution,as it used on this example you can use some of this Values tricks topositioning it in the center more easily

c-x=start measuring it from the center.
r-x=start measuring it from the right.

7.Changing crosshair color can be done on 3 ways that i personally know:

1st:Just paint your xhair image file with any color with your image editing software,This will force the game to use this color no matters what.
-If you leave your xhair iamge file color to white you later can edit them with clientscheme.res OR VMT variable.

2nd:For changing color with clientscheme.res just find this line on it(like in the common method):

// HL1-style HUD colors
"Yellowish" "255 160 0 255"
"Normal" "255 255 255 255"
"Caution" "255 48 0 255"

Change "Normal" values(RGB code=red+green+blue+transparency msk) to any oher one,its good if you prefer changing it with RGB code,you can find useful RGB codes at many websites F.EX :http: //www.rgbchart.com

3nd:Adding a texture variable to the VMT file.Well,open (crosshairfilename).vmt and add this(working with RGB code also) :

"$color" "[255 255 255]"

Using Adrenaline Gamer 2 crosshairs on Hl2DM
All the ag2 xhairs are included in the xhair package.

Well setting ag2 xhairs to work is a bit different than the others crosshairs included on the package,because one ag2 crosshair file contains multiple xhair file is like a various xhairs sheet joined into a big one(tf2/hl2dm default sprites works in the same way)but they can have different proportions in pixels scale.For ag2 proportions Which codes to use.

1st.First we need to edit weapon_x.txt files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life 2 Deathmatch\hl2mp\custom\my_custom_stuff\scripts with text editor and edit the line "crosshair" with the previous sprite codes,default example:

"file" ""vgui\replay\thumbnails\(crosshair file name)
"x" "24"
"y" "48"
"width" "24"
"height" "24"

In this method we wont set the full image resolution because if not it will load all the xhairs on ag2 xhair vtf file,and we only want to change one of them so we choose a 24x24(widht & height)which are the optimal size proportions in pixels for each "xhair box".

After having these optimal proportions we need to choose one of the xhairs included so we need to set "XPOS & YPOS" according to our preference ,setting xpos & ypos is important taking note that the resolution to start is "24" we will multiply this number on Y and X axes to get our result being the formula x=(X(N)-1)*24 , y=(Y(N)-1)*24 as Jerk posted here http://hlnation.left4-dead.com/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3282

Download links
Pack of Crosshairs

Other resources

https://web.archive.org/web/20070521223822/http://hl2dmpro.com/index.php?site=articles&action=show&articlesID=14 by Raticide.Cached page since hl2dmpro.com shutdowns


There are much more knowledge to know about this type of editing but my objective here is not to explain how the gameengine works,just to use its possibilities to make it something handy and useful.Hope this help as a "base" to any hl2dm player.With more time i will add some formatting and will try to update it.Good fragging Good Day Cheers MINO

You can always contact my if you need so


*Google Chrome users may notice BBcode issues like cut-off text offf,use Mozila Firefox or other to read it properly

*If you encounter double xhair issue,one set over the other,is normally because you actually using a Font crosshair at the same time,what you can do is to disable any of these to keep only one,just edit hudlayout.res,clientschem.res, also setting the cvar "crosshair 0" will disable the xhair set on weapon scripts files that you can change anytime.

*Admin Edit - link correction

[ Edited Fri 18.Jul 2014, 23:54 ]
Sat 16.Nov 2013, 16:41 Link
Posts: 1125
very good article ... thanks for your time to write and post :-)
Sat 16.Nov 2013, 18:59 Link
Posts: 364
Wow cool method, thanks! :)
Sat 16.Nov 2013, 19:48 Link
Posts: 1661
Thanks for sharing!
Sat 16.Nov 2013, 20:58 Link
Posts: 83
Really cool, but for me the links doesn't seem to work.
Sat 16.Nov 2013, 21:07 Link
Posts: 1125
Serious wrote ...

Really cool, but for me the links doesn't seem to work.

yes some links are "defect" ... i fix it ... maybe wrong bb codes
Sat 16.Nov 2013, 21:10 Link
Posts: 1125
Silla wrote ...

Serious wrote ...

Really cool, but for me the links doesn't seem to work.

yes some links are "defect" ... i fix it ... maybe wrong bb codes

now they work
Sat 16.Nov 2013, 23:12 Link
Posts: 83
Thanks a lot :-]
what it darn ol done do
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no its not dead
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no its not dead
long life hl2dm and this community
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no its not dead
long life hl2dm and this community
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