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uNsLide 04.Jan : 14:31
Yeah, i'll post new links soon here
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Any reup ??
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https:// gamebanana.com/guis/ 33299Here you go kid...
gm1nrektyou 22.Jun : 00:27
Thank you, Silla.I figured it out in the end.
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Hi seriouS,take a look into "Download" on this pag...
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seriouS 13.Jun : 00:44
Frappa 10.May : 19:38
No reason for da. Net for true russians, yes for e...
Sentre 08.May : 22:46
Where is option "da"?
fISHERMAN 08.May : 21:19
Season 1 launches!
Wed 18.Feb 2015, 19:13 Link
Posts: 715

Season 1 is now running!
Check your division and your opponents below...!

Important notes:
- a "break" means the player will not play against anyone during the week.
- a no-show will give both players 1 point.
- A full week absence will give the waiting player 4 points and the absent 0 points.
- Failing to come at a set date gives the player 3 points and the absent 1 point.

Weeks: (Not necessarily 7 days)

Week 1: 19/2/2015 - 25/2/2015
Week 2: 26/2/2015 - 6/3/2015
Week 3: 7/3/2015 - 15/3/2015
Week 4: 16/3/2015 - 25/3/2015
Week 5: 26/3/2015 - 2/4/2015

In total, this season will take around one month until it ends.

More information regarding organizing/posting match results in >>this<< topic.

If you need help understanding this topic in russian language, contact TiRRaN.

Special thanks to:


Let the games begin!

[ Edited Thu 26.Mar 2015, 04:53 ]
Wed 18.Feb 2015, 21:05 Link
Cup Organizer
Posts: 283
GLHF all!!
Wed 18.Feb 2015, 21:57 Link
Posts: 34
Theres so many players! GLHF guys!
Thu 19.Feb 2015, 00:42 Link
Cup Admin
Posts: 189
GLHF folks!
Thu 19.Feb 2015, 02:01 Link
Posts: 364
GL HF! Do your best
Thu 19.Feb 2015, 02:02 Link
Posts: 364
Play your matches. No defwins
Thu 19.Feb 2015, 15:08 Link
Posts: 23
gl hf all
Thu 19.Feb 2015, 21:43 Link
Posts: 29
lol :3
Got my account back so all good now
11.Dec : 11:36
Maybe not Hammarn... Don't want to accuse anyone here. He just send a message to me and I can still see the chat on my phone and he said that it's a scam link.
10.Dec : 23:20
Hammarn hacked my Steam account so don't click on anything which might get send from my account. Also feel free to share this with the others from the community as I have no way to inform you guys right now
10.Dec : 22:21
its a good idea! lets some other replay here for feedbacks

hail ‹JkS›

06.Dec : 20:53
Hi guys! I want to ask if anyone interesting these days in 1v1 cups. I'm ready to donate some prize money. I started it with a discussion on the HL2DM youtube channel, but it ended up with nothing.
06.Dec : 16:34
05.Dec : 23:58
28.Nov : 23:59
no its not dead
long life hl2dm and this community
28.Nov : 22:36
no its not dead
long life hl2dm and this community
15.Nov : 20:59
no its not dead
long life hl2dm and this community
10.Nov : 19:42
Hi guys
06.Oct : 21:55
Can you contact him ?
30.Aug : 12:29
Silla was, maybe Maxtasy is admin too
28.Aug : 16:53
That sounds good :) Whos the admin here ?
26.Jul : 11:45
Maybe we can start a league like we had in CU with weekly matches instead of 1 day cups so teams can play any time in the week?
25.Jul : 11:19
Lets start 2v2 or 3v3 cup soon ?
07.Jul : 17:49
nice old screenshot quaz <3
04.Jul : 20:42
Cool aesthetic video from Artefact !!
03.Jul : 19:41
Any old players here who want some nostalgia I just found some really old screenshots. Enjoy :-) http://users.telenet.be/KMC/hl2dm/content.html
01.May : 16:05
just found this channel with vintage frag hl2dm. Old players will enjoy seeing their friends here fragging and being fragged. Hf
16.Dec : 21:14