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.vmf and any custom content that you have included...
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You have to share only .vmf file
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nevermind, close this thread please
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No idea where to post this, im very new to the hl2...
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Both links dead for me.
nam3d 10.Oct : 10:24
im requesting
FENIX 30.Sep : 15:16
FENIX wrote ...reuploadAre you drunk?
F1zz 28.Sep : 06:12
FENIX 22.Sep : 11:06
FENIX 22.Sep : 10:06
То самое чувство, когда зашел в дм спустя 5 месяце...
frozen 02.Sep : 00:06
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everythingFPS/gLeagues HL2:DM Ranked Season 1
Mon 10.Jul 2017, 18:29 Link
Posts: 25
HL2:DM Ranked Season 1 Is Here! (Monday July 10th)

So what is HL2:DM Ranked?
Play on the official gLeagues and eFPS servers to gain ranked points by playing PUGs and Ladder matches.

What do ranked points Get Me?
You are able to level up from bronze through elite, the higher you get the more opportunity you have to earn cash prizes.

Where can I see the stats and my rank?

How does the ranking system work?
Bronze 1-5
Silver 1-5
Gold 1-5
Platinum 1-5
Elite (Top 5 Players of Cobalt Rank)

What are the prizes for ranked season 1?
At the end of season 1 the prizes will go as follows:
- Most Played gLeagues Ladder Matches: $50
- Overall most played gLeagus matches and pugs: $25
- Most wins overall: $25
- Best KDR minimum of 20 matches played: $20
- Best Accuracy minimum of 20 matches played: $20
- Best headshot accuracy minimum of 20 matches played: $20
- Elite Top 5 ranks (as follows from highest to lowest 1-5): $100, $50, $25, $20, $15

When does Season 1 end?
Regular season will end Friday sept. 8th at 11PM PDT.
The top 8 players will be seeded into a double elimination playoff bracket
The playoff bracket will be ran by eFPS starting Saturday September 9th at 9:00AM PDT.
The bracket will be ran both Saturday and Sunday. The top 4 remaining players in the bracket will return Sunday at 10:00AM PDT to battle it out in the finals.

What are the prizes for the winner of the tournament?
- gLeagues/eFPS Champion: 60% of prize pool (prize pool starting at $500 - so $300)
- gLeagues/eFPS 2nd Place: 30% of prize pool (prize pool starting at $500 - so $150)
- gLeagues/eFPS 3rd Place: 20% of prize pool (prize pool starting at $500 - so $50)
- Prize Pool can be found here: http://hl2dm.everythingfps.com

When does Season 2 start?
Season 2 will then start Monday, September 11th.
Tue 25.Jul 2017, 20:41 Link
Posts: 25

How it works ^
Wed 26.Jul 2017, 13:01 Link
Posts: 1652
Awesome :D
Thu 27.Jul 2017, 07:50 Link
Posts: 58
Where can see Top ranks ?
Fri 28.Jul 2017, 18:55 Link
Posts: 25
I will be updating the leader board page this weekend to show top results for everything.

21.Dec : 23:20
This website is just awesome! Good job Henky/VG!
26.Nov : 17:12
Seeking more 1v1 results? We publish all our matches on www.virtuousgamers.eu
26.Nov : 16:37
Vote for iBlue
31.Oct : 17:40
voted for Schatzi505
31.Oct : 13:15
30.Oct : 21:51
28.Oct : 11:31
its me on video
27.Oct : 13:48
26.Oct : 00:37
@Buzz I've had the idea for that for HL2DM before, because I saw it in a game called Killzone 2 before it got applied in Team Fortress 2, it is actually a neat-o idea :D
21.Oct : 04:32
What is wrong with the current ones?
20.Oct : 20:57
it needs new matchserver
20.Oct : 15:11
Look how demos are parsed in tf2-world! https://demos.tf/viewer/118927
15.Oct : 23:30
*Cough cough* I am having cold symptoms. https://imgur.com/a/mZMGW
12.Oct : 21:58
09.Oct : 19:12
Go 1v1 cup
30.Sep : 23:31
Start 1v1 cup
28.Sep : 06:19