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Source Engine Single Player stop responsing after next map load
Mon 17.Jul 2017, 19:43 Link
Posts: 1117
I have a wired problem.

2 Month ago i update my NVIDIA driver to the latest version. After some days i got bored and i want to play a short HL2 single player game. Map loads ok i play the first part and right before the next map should load, the game freezes. It freezes that hard i could not open taskmanager because the screen went black and i have to reboot.

So i try several time with different settings and reinstall the driver with default settings and all stuff. No way. I finally reinstall hl2 by removing any stuff i found (registry and config). result was the same.

The first map run perfect, than come the next map and that is. I monitor the graphic card and i see a millisecond before it complete freeze the memory on the gtx freed, cpu went down to 0% and then the end.

OK anyway. I played on a very old host, with so many stuff on it, i decide to ignore it, because 1 month later it comes a new host. The case was already finish. so what ...


a new host. Windows 10 instead of 7, new NVIDIA driver, new steam, anything is complete different.

And today i want to play Transmission 120 (Source Engine Single Player) and i got the same strange behavior. I thought "wtf" and i try HL2, same. First map fine, then total freeze.

That's crazy two complete different hosts, with different hardware do the same.

I goggled, sure. But hey "HL2 Freeze ..." is a really pain, it's maybe complete useless. But i found on redit one guy, he report exactly my problem too (i lost the link)

So ... now i ask here ...

Has someone similar problems with Single-Player ?
Fri 21.Jul 2017, 15:05 Link
Posts: 126
Try window mode and check if anything changes.
If nothing else works, try some outdated drivers - helped me with some other extremely frustrating glitches with source and my old videocard.
@QuAz: We got an additional week
23.May : 13:56
I asked dallas for more time but he didn't answer yet. Enjoy your holidays tbh
22.May : 18:23
hi max will be back 1 week late hope its ok with SF
22.May : 16:35
18.May : 05:28
xD nothing new :DD (jk)
15.May : 13:22
He was drunk and fell asleep xD
13.May : 12:39
What happened with foresty? :0
13.May : 10:19
anyone want to replace foresty?
12.May : 19:23
foresty cup organizer not here....
12.May : 19:12
*check in*
12.May : 18:39
Nice horse quaz :D
12.May : 13:45
@Wolterhon тут так-то много русских. Едва ли не больше, чем остальных
11.May : 17:54
% of all played maps on VG for last year:
22% lockdown
14,5% cav and octa
10% bio
8% la
7% kbh
5,2% lv
4% ow
2,9% aim, int
2% air, resi
1,1% ethic
0.5% alive
0.4% trainzzz, frenzy
<0.3% hope, tigcrik, ctf_mini_fort, arma, zeta, ld_r6, aerowalk, helix
11.May : 15:28
11.May : 14:13
hi guys this is frozen in RL : https://imgur.com/8D8svPq
11.May : 01:53
Опа, тут русские еще есть, круть
08.May : 19:41
Я его кикнул уже =D
01.May : 11:34
Sentre, го в аматерку, если не зассал)
30.Apr : 22:15
rushers rdy
28.Apr : 18:54