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whats up guys, i havent been on the site in a whil...
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Please delete duplicates! I'm sorry for that =(
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Calm down for a while, listen to these awesome mus...
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Troubling times for LAN play
Sun 27.Aug 2017, 20:58 Link
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whats up guys, i havent been on the site in a while, though i do watch all the videos so whoever is in charge of that, keep it up.

So im kinda weird, i like to host servers and drag my friends into playing games they dont like, but recently, and to my excitement, i have convinced my friends to duel me in various games. Unfortunately im really really dumb, and im having a trouble setting up a server to do that in HL2DM, i downloaded your guys' server files and tried to work them. But how do i get it so you have to "ready up" before the game? am i missing something really simple? i am also disappointed that any information on this game seems to be getting harder and harder to find.

Any response is much appreciated, i hope you all have some good games ahead of you!
Mon 28.Aug 2017, 18:47 Link
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There's no ready up system in the PMS pack (the one you can download here). Actually I'm not sure if any of the match servers use a system like that, normally players just type/say they are ready and then someone initiates the match.

With the plugin you're using, type " !start 1v1 " into chat and that should begin the countdown. If it doesn't work you'll need to check you've installed it properly. Type " !h " for all the commands.

Enjoy your games
Fri 01.Sep 2017, 23:59 Link
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hey man thanks for the reply. The whole Start match thing is exactly what i want, didnt need a "ready" up, just something to restart the map when we both are loaded in ya know? unfortunetly i cant get these plugins too work at all, i dont know how to even check if they are installed properly, i followed the directions in the readme, and i think im an idiot because the "!h" doesnt work at all, nor the !start 1v1. the game just seems to load into a normal hl2 server. Does it need to be certain maps? what can i post to even show what i am doing wrong?

EDit: Im gong to try and reinstall a clean version of my server files, see if i messed up something at somepoint that wont let Metamod or Sourcemod plug ins load at all.

Edit 2: I'm honestly stumped, I can't get it to work on my windows 10 laptop, or Windows 7 desktop. I Deffinetly get a "entry point not found " in relation to a tier0.dll file on my desktop computer, but if I push ok and let it start, clients can connect fine.

It just seems to be something I'm fucking up with the install, or something, I feel so stupid because all, and everyone says "just unzip the folders to /addons" or whatever and I tried every possible place, it's gotta be this DLL file or something but the "fix" for it is on an offline server.

[ Edited Sat 02.Sep 2017, 03:19 ]
Vote for iBlue
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voted for Schatzi505
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its me on video
27.Oct : 13:48
26.Oct : 00:37
@Buzz I've had the idea for that for HL2DM before, because I saw it in a game called Killzone 2 before it got applied in Team Fortress 2, it is actually a neat-o idea :D
21.Oct : 04:32
What is wrong with the current ones?
20.Oct : 20:57
it needs new matchserver
20.Oct : 15:11
Look how demos are parsed in tf2-world! https://demos.tf/viewer/118927
15.Oct : 23:30
*Cough cough* I am having cold symptoms. https://imgur.com/a/mZMGW
12.Oct : 21:58
09.Oct : 19:12
Go 1v1 cup
30.Sep : 23:31
Start 1v1 cup
28.Sep : 06:19
hi, girls
23.Sep : 12:38
They do it the same way VG does it. During the match everything that happens is tracked by a plugin. We don't have such a fancy website yet but your stats are tracked closely on both servers with our stats being presented ingame.
17.Sep : 12:36
Cool stats on eFPS! Do they parse demos results?
11.Sep : 23:04
09.Sep : 16:52