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No reason for da. Net for true russians, yes for e...
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Where is option "da"?
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Okay, here is Nia's slowmo vid with r_drawthemodel...
uNsLide 08.May : 21:08
Hi all. To be clear:1) i asked Nia to comment Z3R0...
uNsLide 08.May : 16:09
Hey guys :)I reported this to Humam a couple weeks...
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[poll] Proof Nia is using Wallhack
Thu 07.May 2020, 21:49 Link
Posts: 3
Is Nia a wallhacker ?


Hey guys :)

I reported this to Humam a couple weeks ago but nothing seems to happen so i figured i put it out to the community.

Look at this video from HL2DMTV for proof of Nia using wallhack


Time stamp 03.00-03.40, look at how hes crosshair is pointed towards ( Trough the wall ) where im standing silent for over 1 minute .
And then hes firing not 1 but 2 SMG NADES in random place without a single sound being made or fight before that would indicate im standing in this super random place .

This is first time ever im standing in this spot, and my first match ever against Nia . so there is no patterns either , look also at Nias comment trying to explain everything after being caught by som player named ZER0 on youtube.

This is why HL2DM is loosing real players , because cheaters are allowed and respected on match servers .

Fri 08.May 2020, 16:09 Link
Posts: 82
Hi all. To be clear:
1) i asked Nia to comment Z3R0's comment
2) i will do slowmo drawthemodel pov of this situation and i will post public link here
Fri 08.May 2020, 21:08 Link
Posts: 82
Okay, here is Nia's slowmo vid with r_drawthemodels 1: https://youtu.be/8XT0hEGpLIc
Fri 08.May 2020, 21:19 Link
Posts: 13
Where is option "da"?
Fri 08.May 2020, 22:46 Link
Posts: 90
No reason for da. Net for true russians, yes for euro manual players))
Sun 10.May 2020, 19:38 Link
Posts: 1

[ Edited Mon 25.May 2020, 18:03 ]
Mon 22.Jun 2020, 00:29 Link
Posts: 2
Youre just bad lol. That guy isnt really as good as you think he is. VG admins are notorious for banning the wrong people like myself too for example.
Any 1v1 cups coming up soon ?
22.Feb : 16:06
hi s2d, nice to see you!
10.Feb : 16:41
08.Feb : 17:28
next 3v3
12.Jan : 15:40
next time i will win ;D
12.Jan : 11:30
I guess 2v2 is the way
12.Jan : 09:05
go more 2v2 cups
12.Jan : 02:29
or 3v3 if enough team
12.Jan : 01:46
again 2v2 foresty
12.Jan : 01:46
what cup people would like to play next? 1v1, 2v2, 3v3?
12.Jan : 00:41
wow many teams
11.Jan : 19:34
1 slot left
time for Akycha...
11.Jan : 17:35
No, todays cup will be played by the old rules.
11.Jan : 17:11
great idea, can we use it in todays cup?
11.Jan : 17:04
Hello peeps.
We'd like to try one update pushed to VG servers in the event that a tiebreaker map needs to be played in a TDM match.

!run equalizer is a new command used to turn both team's models into combines, ofcourse players in combine team will be coloured blue and players in rebels team will be coloured red (as combine models).
The footsteps for both teams will be rebel's footsteps as well.

The idea of this new feature is to have a balanced/fair game in the event that a tiebreaker map needs to be played, during a cup or during a regular scrim, or it can even be used if you guys want to play a quick 2v2 on 1 map only.

Looking forward for the feedback.
11.Jan : 10:45
Мы хотели поставить акычу, чтобы сф не зарегались)
10.Jan : 22:17
Ну ладно, я не нашёл вовремя, никого в сети не было. Посмотрим 3v3 чё как будет
10.Jan : 19:40
Блин, не успели акычу загнать в восьмой слот (шёл 2020)
10.Jan : 19:34
Блин, не успели акычу загнать в четвертый слот)
10.Jan : 11:25
Hot, good luck!
06.Jan : 15:59