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Is there any players playing this game 2020 ?
BooYah7 18.Sep : 16:08
Hi-hey. In 2020 some guy, named The Gman, made a f...
uNsLide 18.Aug : 16:04
Youre just bad lol. That guy isnt really as good a...
gm1nrektyou 22.Jun : 00:29
https:// gamebanana.com/guis/ 33299Here you go kid...
gm1nrektyou 22.Jun : 00:27
Thank you, Silla.I figured it out in the end.
seriouS 18.Jun : 23:43
Hi seriouS,take a look into "Download" on this pag...
Silla 13.Jun : 04:59
Anyone who still has this? I want to download game...
seriouS 13.Jun : 00:44
Frappa 10.May : 19:38
No reason for da. Net for true russians, yes for e...
Sentre 08.May : 22:46
Where is option "da"?
fISHERMAN 08.May : 21:19
Okay, here is Nia's slowmo vid with r_drawthemodel...
uNsLide 08.May : 21:08
Hi all. To be clear:1) i asked Nia to comment Z3R0...
uNsLide 08.May : 16:09
BooYah7 07.May : 21:49
"Total score" system was using at CU league, and t...
Foresty 21.Apr : 18:38
You can watch some HL2DM tutorials made by Maxtasy...
CHOPPER 04.Apr : 08:07
These look sick! I will check them out when I fini...
CHOPPER 04.Apr : 07:59
Svenskeren er franskmanden overlegen, selvfølgelig...
seriouS 27.Mar : 12:47
the player with the highest headshot % is the winn...
QuAz 22.Mar : 06:43
Hey HL2DM Community ! :)So i (BooYah7) played this...
BooYah7 20.Mar : 17:55
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 Avatar of Foresty
16.May 2018
17:50 CEST
Avatar of MaxtasyMaxtasy 
Skyline511 Avatar of Skyline511
26.July 2015
01:21 CEST
Avatar of HumamHum4m 
1erp Avatar of Buzz
17.April 2015
17:57 CEST
Avatar of AgentAgent 
Agent Avatar of Agent
15.April 2015
19:12 CEST
Avatar of Buzz1erp 
1erp Avatar of Buzz
19.September 2014
00:54 CEST
Avatar of MaxtasyMaxtasy 
Vellu Avatar of Vellu
08.September 2014
21:49 CEST
Avatar of SimpleOwn 
Poring Avatar of Tiny
28.August 2014
18:48 CEST
Avatar of VelsVels 
Poring Avatar of Tiny
28.August 2014
00:21 CEST
Avatar of SentreSentre  
Poring Avatar of Tiny
27.August 2014
22:09 CEST
Avatar of QuAzQuAz 
Whipper Avatar of Whipper
24.August 2014
21:57 CEST
Avatar of Snipe2DieSnipe2Die 
Snipe2Die Avatar of Snipe2Die
23.August 2014
19:04 CEST
Avatar of ReV0ReV0 
1erp Avatar of Buzz
20.August 2014
19:07 CEST
Avatar of HumamHum4m 
Hum4m Avatar of Humam
11.August 2014
10:14 CEST
Avatar of Buzz1erp 
Sentre  Avatar of Sentre
10.August 2014
12:14 CEST
Avatar of HumamHum4m 
Spirit40 Avatar of Spirit40
04.August 2014
23:12 CEST
Avatar of VelsVels 
RemΩve Avatar of Sh
04.August 2014
00:24 CEST
Avatar of Buzz1erp 
just found this channel with vintage frag hl2dm. Old players will enjoy seeing their friends here fragging and being fragged. Hf
16.Dec : 21:14
10.Dec : 18:31
I think its dead
03.Dec : 15:03
maybe ask again in russian s2d you will get more answers :D
01.Dec : 21:26
Yoooooooooooo what is up, is this site still alive?
30.Oct : 22:05
Any 1v1 cups coming up soon ?
22.Feb : 16:06
hi s2d, nice to see you!
10.Feb : 16:41
08.Feb : 17:28
next 3v3
12.Jan : 15:40
next time i will win ;D
12.Jan : 11:30
I guess 2v2 is the way
12.Jan : 09:05
go more 2v2 cups
12.Jan : 02:29
or 3v3 if enough team
12.Jan : 01:46
again 2v2 foresty
12.Jan : 01:46
what cup people would like to play next? 1v1, 2v2, 3v3?
12.Jan : 00:41
wow many teams
11.Jan : 19:34
1 slot left
time for Akycha...
11.Jan : 17:35
No, todays cup will be played by the old rules.
11.Jan : 17:11
great idea, can we use it in todays cup?
11.Jan : 17:04
Hello peeps.
We'd like to try one update pushed to VG servers in the event that a tiebreaker map needs to be played in a TDM match.

!run equalizer is a new command used to turn both team's models into combines, ofcourse players in combine team will be coloured blue and players in rebels team will be coloured red (as combine models).
The footsteps for both teams will be rebel's footsteps as well.

The idea of this new feature is to have a balanced/fair game in the event that a tiebreaker map needs to be played, during a cup or during a regular scrim, or it can even be used if you guys want to play a quick 2v2 on 1 map only.

Looking forward for the feedback.
11.Jan : 10:45