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Hi Silla,I could not find you on steam so I'm writ...
QuAz 25.Mar : 12:10
Hi,after 10 years of providing a forum and cup pla...
Silla 23.Mar : 20:16
Bumping this for 2023
QuAz 22.Mar : 13:29
Russian announcement is here: https://vk.com/wall-...
uNsLide 03.May : 17:54
Hello everyone, I am excited to announce a 1v1 Map...
Viperbird 30.Apr : 22:54
Okay, so:1) version from 2013 year: https:// drive...
uNsLide 07.Jan : 16:40
Hi. It's time to up this topic, so i'll ask those ...
uNsLide 04.Jan : 14:31
Yeah, i'll post new links soon here
uNsLide 04.Jan : 13:57
Any reup ??
Nanny 02.Jan : 17:19
Dead links in this topic...
uNsLide 30.Aug : 18:25
I think aimbot is also a good feature and wallhack...
QuAz 14.Jun : 22:15
I forgot to put the option : I don't care ; it's o...
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Whats is the ggun script ? original post : https:/...
Dreamadaya 14.Jun : 18:30
Alright, i heard a lot of complaints about players...
Dreamadaya 14.Jun : 18:29
Is there any players playing this game 2020 ?
BooYah7 18.Sep : 16:08
Hi-hey. In 2020 some guy, named The Gman, made a f...
uNsLide 18.Aug : 16:04
gm1nrektyou 22.Jun : 00:29
https:// gamebanana.com/guis/ 33299Here you go kid...
gm1nrektyou 22.Jun : 00:27
Thank you, Silla.I figured it out in the end.
seriouS 18.Jun : 23:43
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1erp Avatar of Buzz
31.August 2013
01:14 CEST
Avatar of MadaraHl2dm.jew'eS|Madara 
Maxtasy Avatar of Maxtasy
25.August 2013
20:01 CEST
Avatar of Maspe36Maspe36 
Maxtasy Avatar of Maxtasy
21.August 2013
21:06 CEST
Avatar of HumamHum4m 
Hum4m Avatar of Humam
20.August 2013
23:28 CEST
Avatar of MaxtasyMaxtasy 
◄ VG ► HIPPI∑ Avatar of HIPPI∑
19.August 2013
22:21 CEST
Avatar of MaxtasyMaxtasy 
Hum4m Avatar of Humam
19.August 2013
15:46 CEST
Avatar of MaxtasyMaxtasy 
Hum4m Avatar of Humam
12.August 2013
20:50 CEST
Avatar of MaxtasyMaxtasy 
1erp Avatar of Buzz
06.August 2013
00:58 CEST
Avatar of Muh?!Muh?! 
1erp Avatar of Buzz
05.August 2013
23:36 CEST
Avatar of MaxtasyMaxtasy 
Hum4m Avatar of Humam
05.August 2013
17:04 CEST
Avatar of seriouSPromise 
FenRiR Avatar of FenRiR
05.August 2013
11:56 CEST
Avatar of .Nico»Sk« Nico 
Aspect Avatar of Aspect
03.August 2013
17:34 CEST
Avatar of LinguistLinguist 
Maxtasy Avatar of Maxtasy
03.August 2013
09:52 CEST
Avatar of AspectAspect 
Maxtasy Avatar of Maxtasy
03.August 2013
02:55 CEST
Avatar of WhiteyMandem 
FenRiR Avatar of FenRiR
02.August 2013
19:53 CEST
Avatar of TiRRaNTiRRaN 
Maxtasy Avatar of Maxtasy
02.August 2013
10:38 CEST
Avatar of FenRiRFenRiR 
Thank you Silla for your hard work all these years. It's a shame that the site is inactive as the community is still alive and playing every day. I don't know why people stopped using this site and prefer a discord group :( Time to archive everything for posterity :p
25.Mar : 11:39
25.Mar : 11:36
EOL OSC End Of May 2023

see News and Steam Group Announcement
23.Mar : 19:56
Yeah i vaguely recalled my password so i managed to logged in
14.Mar : 22:01
Hi all just letting visitors know that this site is inactive now as many users can not recover their passwords. But the community is still alive and active and we can be found in a discord channel. Post here for an invite link or find us playing on SF match servers almost every night
22.Feb : 00:57
what it darn ol done do
05.Sep : 14:59
In case anyone hasn't seen this yet :D crazy vid by darksoul https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=67&v=QDnvAlclaF8&feature=emb_title
09.Aug : 15:06
Got my account back so all good now
11.Dec : 11:36
Maybe not Hammarn... Don't want to accuse anyone here. He just send a message to me and I can still see the chat on my phone and he said that it's a scam link.
10.Dec : 23:20
Hammarn hacked my Steam account so don't click on anything which might get send from my account. Also feel free to share this with the others from the community as I have no way to inform you guys right now
10.Dec : 22:21
its a good idea! lets some other replay here for feedbacks

hail ‹JkS›

06.Dec : 20:53
Hi guys! I want to ask if anyone interesting these days in 1v1 cups. I'm ready to donate some prize money. I started it with a discussion on the HL2DM youtube channel, but it ended up with nothing.
06.Dec : 16:34
05.Dec : 23:58
28.Nov : 23:59
no its not dead
long life hl2dm and this community
28.Nov : 22:36
no its not dead
long life hl2dm and this community
15.Nov : 20:59
no its not dead
long life hl2dm and this community
10.Nov : 19:42
Hi guys
06.Oct : 21:55
Can you contact him ?
30.Aug : 12:29
Silla was, maybe Maxtasy is admin too
28.Aug : 16:53