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gm1nrektyou 22.Jun : 00:27
Thank you, Silla.I figured it out in the end.
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seriouS 13.Jun : 00:44
Frappa 10.May : 19:38
No reason for da. Net for true russians, yes for e...
Sentre 08.May : 22:46
Where is option "da"?
fISHERMAN 08.May : 21:19
Cup :: 2on2 Cup #29
31/03/2018. CET: 19:00, Moscow: 20:00

frozen Monday 02.April 2018 - 20:23:32
plasma Monday 02.April 2018 - 18:34:40
когда новый кап будет? when is new cup going to be?
FENIX Sunday 01.April 2018 - 18:44:41
brainfull spack detected
Matthew. Sunday 01.April 2018 - 13:57:43
spack Sunday 01.April 2018 - 10:35:01
no point to listen brainless fenix who not even were on tv but after we finish he decide to do shit and post screen which not bound to it..bad try to spoil the cup.

no prove = all was fair and if u got any guess its ur own problem and pain dont flame around.
for those who always crying and trying to catch hax of others exept admins u better start to create anti hax sistem and not play this game.
ﻛ†σ㋛NΣ Sunday 01.April 2018 - 10:17:05
ﻛ†σ㋛NΣ Sunday 01.April 2018 - 09:11:47
yyeh he reinstalled it for last map , we w8 20 min, deserve ban tbh
Foresty Sunday 01.April 2018 - 08:44:05
frozen Sunday 01.April 2018 - 03:43:23
rip fisherman :D
frozen Sunday 01.April 2018 - 01:34:33
i agree ))))
QuAz Sunday 01.April 2018 - 01:28:42
we were not prepared but still was fun )
frozen Sunday 01.April 2018 - 01:27:39
that was a really nice cup. Gg wp to all teams. Btw you shouldn't have banned frezny. We played frenzy only once since 2014 :D
spack Sunday 01.April 2018 - 01:20:45
Love the whole final match! tQ went wrong with bans but played very decent. Sf push hard with their teamplay so still 1st place. gg next time ;)
QuAz Sunday 01.April 2018 - 01:17:10
gg all nice cup TY for playing :)
Sentre Sunday 01.April 2018 - 01:15:57
totally rigged, we forced team quaz to play bio 3rd map.
Pacani ne kidaite demky jerky s bio ia tam s wh lohanylsia xD
P.S. was tired today :(
GGWP team Quaz.
QuAz Sunday 01.April 2018 - 01:09:32
gg rigged cup
frozen Saturday 31.March 2018 - 22:44:06
SF rigged the cup wtf
Maxtasy Saturday 31.March 2018 - 21:38:35
frozen complot))
Foresty Saturday 31.March 2018 - 18:38:40
Ask frozen. He did the cup tree.
NINE Saturday 31.March 2018 - 18:27:42
who does a tree?)
Matthew. Saturday 31.March 2018 - 18:16:09
Got my account back so all good now
11.Dec : 11:36
Maybe not Hammarn... Don't want to accuse anyone here. He just send a message to me and I can still see the chat on my phone and he said that it's a scam link.
10.Dec : 23:20
Hammarn hacked my Steam account so don't click on anything which might get send from my account. Also feel free to share this with the others from the community as I have no way to inform you guys right now
10.Dec : 22:21
its a good idea! lets some other replay here for feedbacks

hail ‹JkS›

06.Dec : 20:53
Hi guys! I want to ask if anyone interesting these days in 1v1 cups. I'm ready to donate some prize money. I started it with a discussion on the HL2DM youtube channel, but it ended up with nothing.
06.Dec : 16:34
05.Dec : 23:58
28.Nov : 23:59
no its not dead
long life hl2dm and this community
28.Nov : 22:36
no its not dead
long life hl2dm and this community
15.Nov : 20:59
no its not dead
long life hl2dm and this community
10.Nov : 19:42
Hi guys
06.Oct : 21:55
Can you contact him ?
30.Aug : 12:29
Silla was, maybe Maxtasy is admin too
28.Aug : 16:53
That sounds good :) Whos the admin here ?
26.Jul : 11:45
Maybe we can start a league like we had in CU with weekly matches instead of 1 day cups so teams can play any time in the week?
25.Jul : 11:19
Lets start 2v2 or 3v3 cup soon ?
07.Jul : 17:49
nice old screenshot quaz <3
04.Jul : 20:42
Cool aesthetic video from Artefact !!
03.Jul : 19:41
Any old players here who want some nostalgia I just found some really old screenshots. Enjoy :-) http://users.telenet.be/KMC/hl2dm/content.html
01.May : 16:05
just found this channel with vintage frag hl2dm. Old players will enjoy seeing their friends here fragging and being fragged. Hf
16.Dec : 21:14