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Hi all,
here the results of yesterdays Cup:

1st) Madara
2nd) Maxtasy
3rd) tox

Thanks to all players for participating and getting their matches played without any trouble.
Have a nice weekend!

The Admin Team
[Submitted by Maxtasy]
Posted on Saturday 21.September 2013 - 14:24:44 - Comment(s): 1
2on2 Cup #2 Results and Fun Giveaway #2
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Good night,
I was in shock when the check-in period started and only 2 Squads were here in time. We almost had to cancel this event, but then luckily some people showed up, some created new Squads, some teamed up with other random players. So in the end we could even start a 8 slot Cup with half an hour delay.

Here the results of the 2on2 Cup #2

1st) teamsynchronized (synC.)
2nd) 'electroniSpankers ('eS)
3rd) Away from keyboard (afk)

As promised we also raffled away one game and the lucky winner is:
Please pick a game from the Game List and contact Maxtasy via Steam or PM.

Thanks to all players and we hope to see you soon in another Cup. In the meanwhile you can sign up for the 1on1 Cup #9 which takes place next Friday @ 21CEST.

Have a nice weekend,
The Admin Team
[Submitted by Maxtasy]
Posted on Saturday 14.September 2013 - 00:47:35 - Comment(s): 2
1on1 Cup #8 Results and Fun Giveaway
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Good evening/night everyone,
today was another 1on1 Cup. It was nice to see some new faces. Thanks to haL, keneida, Snipe2Die, QuAz, tox, Matthew, Madara and Maxtasy for playing. You all automatically take part in the Monthly Raffle to win a game on Steam or Origin.

Here the winners:

1st) Maxtasy
2nd) Madara
3rd) QuAz

Also because the Cup went rather smoothely, we will be giving away Populous (Origin Key).

I just made the draw on Random Picker and because I'm so lucky it drew ofcourse me. :D
So I made a new draw, excluding me and here is the result:
haL won it, please contact me in Steam or PM to redeem the Origin Key.

Nice weekend to all and see you next Cup!

The Admin Team

[Submitted by Maxtasy]
Posted on Saturday 07.September 2013 - 01:13:27 - Comment(s): 3
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Hey all,
it's getting late, so I will only write a short summary about today's 1on1 Cup.
When I came online today I was quite happy to see 8 Players registered for the Cup after it was only 4 Players the last couple of days. I hope that this day in the week and the later start time is okay for most of you, well atleast most of you voted for this time in the poll. :)

So we had the usual suspects signed up by the name of Madara, Humam and Maxtasy. Then we saw haL and 4 Players who had their first appearance in a Cup as far as I know: Whitey aka dizcobizcuit, FenRiR, speedyEvo and Koipe.

That brings us to the Quarter-Finals where Madara faced once again his team mate Humam. Madara showed some good control on Biohazard, winning it with a big frag lead and on Caverns they tied with a score of 21-21.
haL faced dizcobizcuit and won both maps (Caverns, Lockdown), Maxtasy won both maps against speedyEvo with a unexpected close match on Lostarena (16-15), FenRiR got a default win against Koipe for...I don't really know why, probably Koipe didn't want to play. Anyways Koipe if you read this, practice makes perfect. And I hope you will sign up for a future Cup. :)

In the Semi-Finals Maxtasy didn't have to play a match because his opponent FenRiR preferred to go to bed, which is imo not a really good reason to leave the Cup but maybe he was not aware of the time difference and it became too late for him. Madara faced haL and beat him on his home map Lostarena, while haL picked a rather unknown map - Atrium. Was nice seeing that this map gets some attention, because I think it's a really good one. Even though Madara played the first time on it, he could win it with good RPG control.

Finals: Madara vs. Maxtasy.
Both have played alot of matches with eachother and both picked their favourite maps. Intensity for Maxtasy and Lostarena for Madara. They started on Intensity and Maxtasy got a big lead early on, it seemed almost hopeless for Madara. But later in the match it turned around completely and Madara got back with alot of frags. End score on this map 16-10 for Maxtasy going into Lostarena.
Sneaky playstyle by Maxtasy wokred wonders. After getting the first frag and playing very slowly it messed with Madara's head and his strategy seemed to not work like always. But even so, he got the lead by 5 frags around halftime, but it was not enough. He tried to hunt down Maxtasy who was waiting around corners picking up the rather easy frags.

That brings us to the end of this Cup News - the Ranking:

1st) Maxtasy
2nd) Madara
3rd) haL
4th) FenRiR

Have a nice weekend and stay tuned for tomorrow's News.

The Admin Team
Posted on Saturday 31.August 2013 - 00:46:23 - Comment(s): 0
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@QuAz: We got an additional week
23.May : 13:56
I asked dallas for more time but he didn't answer yet. Enjoy your holidays tbh
22.May : 18:23
hi max will be back 1 week late hope its ok with SF
22.May : 16:35
18.May : 05:28
xD nothing new :DD (jk)
15.May : 13:22
He was drunk and fell asleep xD
13.May : 12:39
What happened with foresty? :0
13.May : 10:19
anyone want to replace foresty?
12.May : 19:23
foresty cup organizer not here....
12.May : 19:12
*check in*
12.May : 18:39
Nice horse quaz :D
12.May : 13:45
@Wolterhon тут так-то много русских. Едва ли не больше, чем остальных
11.May : 17:54
% of all played maps on VG for last year:
22% lockdown
14,5% cav and octa
10% bio
8% la
7% kbh
5,2% lv
4% ow
2,9% aim, int
2% air, resi
1,1% ethic
0.5% alive
0.4% trainzzz, frenzy
<0.3% hope, tigcrik, ctf_mini_fort, arma, zeta, ld_r6, aerowalk, helix
11.May : 15:28
11.May : 14:13
hi guys this is frozen in RL : https://imgur.com/8D8svPq
11.May : 01:53
Опа, тут русские еще есть, круть
08.May : 19:41
Я его кикнул уже =D
01.May : 11:34
Sentre, го в аматерку, если не зассал)
30.Apr : 22:15
rushers rdy
28.Apr : 18:54