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So many good features!"Includes hands animation fi...
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Hi angelo, want to play some cups? ;)
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Hy we are make a TurnOver and change ouer Deticate...
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whazawwwp boys 8)
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Headset :KOTION EACH G2200
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We need some cups
09.Nov : 03:56
Dead game :(
21.Aug : 16:48
hi noxie
26.Jul : 21:05
Hello everyone i just joined :)
18.Jul : 16:41
all work fine now. Thanks again and HAVE FUNNNN EVERYBODY
25.Jun : 23:25
@Henky. You are a good man
25.Jun : 23:00
@sfuma, your SteamID listed on hl2dm.net is now whitelisted for VPN usage.
25.Jun : 13:52
Some players are not properly marked as home internet by their ISP and thus trigger VPN detection. Contact Humam or Me on steam and we will manually allow you to connect.
25.Jun : 13:33
guys I cant play on #1 VirtuousGamers.EU - Ranked Matching - [Germany] steam ask me "disconnect: need VPN please contact Admin for approval" LOL i have no VPN on my pc
.SUGGESTIno? write me also in pv thx
24.Jun : 23:38
how are you guyssss
sfuma here
24.Jun : 23:35
Just downloaded this game again, forgot how much fun it is <3
22.May : 16:57
How is everyone doing?
22.May : 13:46
Guys! Let's make new cups!
22.Apr : 11:25
The main VG server ran out of storage space for its demo's even if we compress them (You guys have been playing A LOT!). Because of this the very old demo's are now moved to a new storage server you can find on storage.hl2dm.eu . Our match links are automatically updated once the demo has been uploaded but if you find a really old demo link somewhere and its down this is where to look.
22.Mar : 19:47
Of course yes hello
08.Mar : 16:39
02.Mar : 13:23
11 человек специально отменили все дела и освободили вечер субботы, чтобы поиграть, а ты, ебать, решил не придти. Вечер субботы выбирается неспроста как-бы
24.Feb : 19:53
Какая, блять, спешка

Ты проебал кап, из-за тебя чуть не отменили
24.Feb : 19:51
Спешка нужна при ловле блох.
24.Feb : 18:18
ohuet blyad
24.Feb : 17:57