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Svenskeren er franskmanden overlegen, selvfølgelig...
seriouS 27.Mar : 12:47
the player with the highest headshot % is the winn...
QuAz 22.Mar : 06:43
Hey HL2DM Community ! :)So i (BooYah7) played this...
BooYah7 20.Mar : 17:55
General Cup Rules
General Cup Rules

These Rules apply to all Cups hosted on hl2dm.net.
By joining a Cup you agree to the following Rules.

1.) Cup Preparation

1.1) Joining Cups

  • Steam IDs need to be set in the user profile of all Players who want to participate in a Cup. You can get your Steam ID by writing 'status' in the console while beeing on a game server. Alternatively you can use this website.
  • In Matches you have to use the same nickname as you signed up for the Cup. This will make it easier for Admins and Opponents to keep track of who is playing.
  • The Cup Join Date decides which Players/Squads will be able to play in the Cup. Once the Cup is full, further Players/Squads will be placed into the Waiting List.
  • Players who fail to be on time or quit without playing all their Matches can be excluded from future Cups. Be sure to check-in on time.

1.1.1) Client Settings

To play in our Cups your client needs to have certain settings. Else you will get automatically kicked from our Approved Match Servers. Limitations include:

  • rate 80000 - 128000
  • cl_cmdrate 66
  • cl_updaterate 66
  • cl_interp 0 - 0.061

If you need help with the settings, post on the forum.

1.2) Fixing your Squad

  • Once a Squad is fixed and joined a Cup, it is not possible to do further changes to the Squad. So add enough Players right away. The alternative would be to unjoin the Cup, unfixing the Squad and adding additional Players and then joining the Cup again. This will ofcourse reset your Join Date and you end up in the latest spot on the Join List.

1.3) Cup Start

  • You can find the official CEST/CET Time here or at the top right on the website.
  • All Cups have a certain Start Time. This time is in most cases in Central European (Summer) Time, short CE(S)T and is set by the Cup Owner. Make sure you understand when the Cup is starting.
  • Players/Squads need to be present 15 minutes before the Cup officially starts and have to check-in. Check-in is done by messaging an Admin or by writing a message into the Chat Box. This message should contain your (Squad) name and the word 'ready' or 'check'.
  • Check-in ends 5 minutes before the official Cup Start Time. Players/Squads who failed to check-in will get removed from the Cup without notice and will be replaced by Players/Squads on the Waiting List.
  • The Cup Tree will be generated shortly before the Cup Start Time and will be reachable by clicking the Cup Banner, or by navigating to the running Cup with the Website Menu (Cups --> In Progress).
  • Matches have to be started at the Cup Start Time (+15 minutes Buffer Time). If a Player/Squad is not in time, it will result in a Default Loss. Example: Cup Start Time 17:00 CEST, Player or Squad comes at 17:16 CEST - Default Loss. No questions, no exceptions.

1.4) Stage Start

  • Cups are divided into Stages. Each Stage has its own Start Time. Stage Start Times can be seen in the Cup Description.
  • Match Reports have to be submitted in time, that means before the next Stage starts. Missed Match Reports can result in a Default Loss.
  • Players/Squads are allowed to play their Matches earlier than the (Stage) Start Time, but never later.

2.) Match Phase

2.1) Map Picking

  • The Map Picking begins at the Stage Start Time.
  • Every type of Cup has different Rules on the Map Picking. Please refer to the specific Cup Rules which can be found on the Cup page.

2.2) Servers

  • All Matches have to be played on our Approved Match Servers.
  • This list includes trusted servers that have been tested by the Admin Team. They are up-to-date with all League Plugins and Configs. If you want to add a server to this list, contact the Admin Team.
  • In rare cases, Matches can be played on other non-approved servers. This is only possible, if both parties agree with this. However this should be avoided to ensure that you are playing in the best conditions with all the right settings and demos can be accessed.

2.3) Match Start

  • The Match is divided into a certain amount of Maps.
  • A Map will be started when both parties are ready. In Squad based Cups it is enough if one Player of each Squad says they are ready.
  • A Map has officially started once the first frag is made, or 2 minutes of the Playtime have passed.
  • Once the Map has officially started, this Map will never and under no circumstances be restarted. A certain weapon doesn't respawn? Shit happens, no restart.
  • In the unlikely situation that the server crashes within the first 10 minutes of Playtime, the Map will be restarted. If that 10 minute mark has passed, there will not be a restart.

2.4) Match Documentation

  • All Players make Status Screenshots in each Map. A good moment to do this, is shortly before the Match Config is executed. If your console is flooded by 'missing model' errors, restarting your game should fix that. To get rid of the 'playing sequence' error messages, use following code in your config file:
    // Fix console spam

    developer "1"                            // To see who paused or unpaused the game
    con_filter_enable "2"                    // Setting this to 2 displays con_filter_text in developer area
    con_filter_text "paused the game"        // Displays the string containing this text in developer area
    con_filter_text_out "Playing sequence"    // Disables annoying errors

  • All Players make Score Screenshots at the end of each Map.
  • Screenshots are your proof that you played the match, so get used to these procedures.
  • SourceTV demos will automatically get recorded on the Approved Match Servers. It is recommended to record a POV demo aswell in case of possible disputes.
  • Spectators are not allowed on the Match Server while the Match is live, except both parties agree to allow spectators on the server. This should be avoided to make sure no 'ghosting' is happening.
  • If people want to spectate your game they can join the SourceTV of the server. Typing '!stv' in the chat will redirect them to the SourceTV server.
  • Approved Casters/Livestreamers are allowed to spectate Matches directly on the server in case the SourceTV is full or not available.
  • Cup Admins are always allowed to spectate a running Match directly on the server.

2.5) Behaviour and Manners

  • All Players should respect each other.
  • Flaming, trash talking, repeated spray tagging and this sort of behavior is considered inappropriate and can lead to a Default Loss on a Map, Match or even to exclusion from the whole Cup.
  • Keep in mind, just because your opponent is behaving unsporty, does not mean you are allowed to give contra. Stay calm, finish the Match and report his behaviour to a Cup Admin. In any case, you need to finish the Match. Do not start discussing, nor pause or leave the server.

2.6) Pausing

  • It is allowed to pause the game while the Match is live. This pause should be short and you should give a reason why you are pausing.
  • Don't unpause the game before it is clear all people are ready to resume.
  • The Match can be paused up to 3 minutes total by each party. This should be more than enough time to resolve problems like a game crash or PC restart.
  • If the 3 minutes ran out, it is free to everyone to unpause the game and go on with the Match. Make sure the 3 minute limit has been reached or else you risk getting a Default Loss.
  • In 1on1 Matches you have to pause the game as soon as you realize your Opponent crashed or timed out. Contact him in Steam Chat and send him the server password, wait until he reconnected and resume the Match. Here also applies the 3 minute rule from the moment a player times out. If those 3 minutes are over you are free to leave the server and take the Default Win for the Match. (Screenshots and demo are required as proof.)

2.7) Player Swapping

  • Players can be swapped within a Match, but not within a running Map. Ofcourse only Players who are in the fixed Squad are allowed to play.

2.8) Cheatíng

  • If a Player gets caught cheatíng, they will be excluded for a certain amount of time from all Cups related to our Website.
  • Cheatíng Definition:
    Use of external programs that help you to gain an advantage over your opponents. (Macros for your keyboard and mouse are allowed as long as they are created with the driver software and are not mass-triggering SMAC (SourceMod Anti Cheat) Autotrigger.
  • Bypassing sv_cheats 0
  • Using custom materials like bright skins, etc.

2.9) Bug Exploits and Techniques

Following Bug Exploits and Techniques are not allowed in Matches:

  • Leaving the Match Field. This means that your opponent is not able to find or kill you in a normal way. Admins will decide in each case. Keep playing until the Map ends and submit a report if you think your opponent broke this Rule.
  • Ladder Spawn Bug. Entering or leaving a ladder while the Match is beeing started, so that you will spawn on top of the ladder. If this happens accidently in the middle of the Match (think of dying on the ladder) this will have no consequences.
  • No-spawn bug. There is an exploit, that makes you not spawning after you died. If you do not spawn within the defined spawntime, it is considered Bug Abusing and punishment will follow.

3.) Match Reports

  • When the Match is over, both parties have to report their Match - Winner and Loser. The report button (Data) can be found at the specific Matchup on the Cup Tree. The form should be understandable for everyone, please fill out all fields. If there is anything unclear, post on the forum or contact an Admin.
  • Uploading non related screenshots (Porn, Cats, others) in the Match Reports is not allowed and can result in an exclusion from future Matches.

4.) Cup Cancelling

  • A Cup will get cancelled if more than 50% of the Stage 1 Matchups have a Default Loss or No-Show in them.
  • A cancelled Cup will get deleted from the Database, including all played Matches.

Last updated: March, 02nd 2014
just found this channel with vintage frag hl2dm. Old players will enjoy seeing their friends here fragging and being fragged. Hf
16.Dec : 21:14
10.Dec : 18:31
I think its dead
03.Dec : 15:03
maybe ask again in russian s2d you will get more answers :D
01.Dec : 21:26
Yoooooooooooo what is up, is this site still alive?
30.Oct : 22:05
Any 1v1 cups coming up soon ?
22.Feb : 16:06
hi s2d, nice to see you!
10.Feb : 16:41
08.Feb : 17:28
next 3v3
12.Jan : 15:40
next time i will win ;D
12.Jan : 11:30
I guess 2v2 is the way
12.Jan : 09:05
go more 2v2 cups
12.Jan : 02:29
or 3v3 if enough team
12.Jan : 01:46
again 2v2 foresty
12.Jan : 01:46
what cup people would like to play next? 1v1, 2v2, 3v3?
12.Jan : 00:41
wow many teams
11.Jan : 19:34
1 slot left
time for Akycha...
11.Jan : 17:35
No, todays cup will be played by the old rules.
11.Jan : 17:11
great idea, can we use it in todays cup?
11.Jan : 17:04
Hello peeps.
We'd like to try one update pushed to VG servers in the event that a tiebreaker map needs to be played in a TDM match.

!run equalizer is a new command used to turn both team's models into combines, ofcourse players in combine team will be coloured blue and players in rebels team will be coloured red (as combine models).
The footsteps for both teams will be rebel's footsteps as well.

The idea of this new feature is to have a balanced/fair game in the event that a tiebreaker map needs to be played, during a cup or during a regular scrim, or it can even be used if you guys want to play a quick 2v2 on 1 map only.

Looking forward for the feedback.
11.Jan : 10:45